Friday, July 27, 2012

The road ahead.

Priya arangan adiyar,
 In a famous poem, the poet used the expression, "The child is father of the man." This expression means that all our positive and negative traits are established when we are young. Indeed, if you watch children at play, you will notice them demonstrate certain characteristics which remain with them forever. It is necessary to groom children to adopt healthy attitudes and positive traits so that they grow up to be balanced individuals. What vital role does the parent play? As an eminent thinker put “ In the final analysis ,it is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.”
Acharyah has been constantly aiding children maneuver the twin roads of material success and spiritual development, both with vigour and effectiveness. The day the children learn to perceive the roads as one and learn to tactfully manage material success without compromising their spiritual makeup, the efforts of Acharyah would be considered fruitful.
The parent teachers meeting of Acharyah School held on 22nd July was one step in this direction. Nivedha, a girl of II std. soulfully rendered the invocation prayer song.Mrs. Gomathy Venkat gave the welcome address and introduced the new principal Mrs. Geetha Krishnamoorthi to the parents.

The principal gave a small introduction about Montessori system of education.  According to this system, every child is unique.  Apart from intellectual skills the system also focuses on development of social and economic skills.“A man making education” – a real man – not in physical growth – but a complete man for which morality and spirituality is a must, she said.

The syllabus for various subjects for our school is prepared by pioneers of their fields.  They are Post Doctorates and Doctorates with immense experience in the field of child education.

'Even the Notebooks, Pencils are carefully picked to suit the nature of the children, she said.  She was so impressed with the part this is the only school where children crave for Home Work. She expressed happy astonishment as to how a first standard student questioned about the earth and solar system.She also added that people who come out of this school would be a complete person – a Global Citizen.

After her thought-provoking address, the progress cards and craft work done by the students were distributed.  Then various doubts of the parents were cleared.

Following this, the founder Acharya Swami addressed the gathering with his powerful words regarding the future campus for the children.  He said that whether the campus was big or small, the standard of education would be the best. He praised the parents for their cooperation and that they were the true asset of Acharyah.

Continuing His address, Swamy asserted that the students of Acharyah would be world Leaders.  A typical Acharyah child would be able to sacrifice and have the convictions to work for others. He would put himself into the shoes of others and act accordingly, a most important leadership quality. He declared that the school will have classes up Higher Secondary ( +2).

Swamy expressed awe at the incident of how a student of Pre k.g got admitted to Acharyah after his father, an auto driver, found the difference between our children and the children of other schools.

He promised everybody that we would soon achieve our goal, with the grace of the Divine Couple of Srirangam.

Then Nivedha’s mother (Representing the parents) told that she was very much satisfied with the school and had full faith in the management.  She eloquently added that she would send her children to Acharyah, even if it is run under a tree.

The parent- teachers meeting came to a conclusion with the rendering of Acharya Paramparai by the Acharyah students.

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