Monday, July 2, 2012

Vidwath Vandhanam

Priya Arangan Adiyars,

Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam is a rich tradition gifted to us through our Poorvacharyas by the Emperumaan Himself. There have been lot of Acharyas who have preached and even lived a life to understand the ideals of our Sampradayam. One such an incident occurs in the life of Swami Anathazhwan. Once a Sri Vaishnava student approached Sri Parasara Bhattar to know the qualities of a Sri Vaishnava. Bhattar directs him to Ananthazhwan (Swami Ramanuja’s disciple performing kainkaryam in Tirumalai). This person goes to Sri Anathazhwan’s Tirumaligai at Tirumalai. Since he was busy in Thadeeyaradanam, he couldn’t interact with the student. However, he offered him to sit in the front row during Thadeeyaradanam. Few days passed and the student was pushed to the last row during Thadeeyaradanam. On that day Ananthazhwan asked him the purpose his visit. Having known his quest, Swami answered that a Sri Vaishnava should

     strive to attain the Holy Feet of Emperumaan like a stork which waits in the water till it gets a big fish
     absorbs only the noble virtues from this samsara like how a hen picks only grains from a heap of sand and dirt
     involve in kainkaryam without realising his own presence like how salt provides taste to the food without revealing its presence
     be humble and patient in front of an Acharyan like how the student from Srirangam was was waiting at Sri Anathahwan Thirumaligai to get his answer

There have been a number of Sri Vaishnavas who have lived up to these statements. One such a personality is Sri U.Ve Padur Rangarajan Swamy. He was a college lecturer for Sanskrit language. Swamy has been giving commentaries and discourses through television, especially in SVBC channel. In accordance with the saying ‘Vidya dadathi vinayam’ (Knowlege makes us humble), Swamy is a simple and easily approachable person. It is indeed a privelege that Srimaan Trust got a chance to honour a person of such great virtues as a part of Vidwath vandhanam through which the children of SBK paid their respect to the Swamy.

Swamy later spoke to the children about the importance of spiritual knowledge and performing Kainkaryam. We are sure that the blessed children were motivated by the words of Swamy and would be eager to involve themselves in various Kainkaryams in future.

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