Saturday, August 18, 2012

1 + 1 = 3

Priya arangan adiyar,

A Trust is a unique and profound concept. All of us derive benefit from others. A single man, if left all alone, can achieve nothing. The conspiracy of the cosmos is an essential ingredient in the victory of man. How do we reciprocate for this invisible yet explicit help from the society? Many people conclude ‘by paying taxes’. But is tax a means of helping the society? Maybe, a part of it. But in a sense tax is a self-help measure. We need street lights for our safety, we need good roads so that our spine doesn’t hurt. We need rails to travel to the destination we prefer. We are the beneficiary of what we give to the government (atleast a major chunk. We don’t want to comment on the siphoning off of our tax funds by people in the government since we know little of it to comment). So taxes are not purely a means of giving back to the society what it has done to us. Hence, the concept of Trust. Through a Trust, we extend the principle of giving back to the society what we have received from it . But that is not all. A Trust is a symbol of something more than ‘give and take policy’. It is a sign of unconditional giving, giving without expecting anything in return. Thus , it is a sign of divinity that resides in us. Everything that we have is unconditionally bestowed by the Supreme persona, without expecting anything from us. Some people may ask ‘does the Supreme not want us to serve Him? Does the Supreme not want us to reach His abode? Does He not want us to Serve His bhakthas? It that not His expectation then?’ Our mother/wife want us to eat food on time. They want us to sleep well. Is that not their expectation? Yes it is but it doesn’t garner anything for them. It is for our well-being that they expect us to do so. Such is the expectation of the Supreme. Being of service to Him and His Bhakthas is something that will immensely benefit us. He has no stake in it other than turning happy at our wisdom and self-realization. A Trust simply tries to impersonate the Supreme Being’s qualities.

Srimaan Trust has grown under the feet of Lord Ranganatha. And it is under His supervision that all the activities are flourishing. The working of the Trust is synergetic. Support comes from various quarters but the end product (kainkaryam) turns even bigger. We hope all its activities and efforts end up leading the people unto His Feet and thus secure permanent happiness for them.

Help, assistance, encouragement at the right time and to the right person is the ultimate goal of a Trust. Our Trust had got such an opportunity recently. Sri Vanamamalai Jeeyar swamy is undertaking Chaturmasya sankalpam here at Srirangam this year. With Him, all acolytes and assistants too have arrived here. On a fine morning, a volunteer brought a person looking after the Thirumadapalli (Kitchen) of SriVanamamalai Muth. Though he got opportunities to work elsewhere, the person preferred working at His acharyan’s muth. His wife is also employed in a service at the Muth. They have a daughter who is very good at academics. Having scored 1127/1200 in 12th Grade and stood first in her school at Nanguneri, the child dreamt of pursing a career in Engineering. The impediment was of course, finance.

Having heard the story of the dedicated Srivaishnavar and the current financial crisis, the volunteer brought this person to the Trust’s premise and introduced him to the founder acharya. And the Trust has helped the girl pursue her dream. The Manager of State Bank of India, Srirangam, was asked to give the cheque to the father of the girl on behalf of the Trust. Having heard her story, the Manager was greatly moved and has promised help from his quarter for the whole duration of the course.

It is indeed very heartening to extend our a helping hand to such deserving people. We only wish to state that it is not our hand but your hand that has helped the girl. Having souls like you on our side, the Supreme Being would direct such deserving people to the doors of the Trust and fulfill its life’s objective.

For the photos of this kainkaryam, please click the link below :

The above link has photos of a couple of children from SBK receiving scholarship. This time, the other children were asked to give it.
The kainkaryam at SriKooratazhwan sannidhi is progressing at a very rapid pace. Srivaishnavas, who came to Srirangam recently, have made an excellent monetary donation for the Kainkaryam. A drop of the target projection has been collected now.

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