Friday, August 10, 2012

Actions that add value to life.

Priya arangan adiyar,

The life of a person becomes meaningful only when that person realizes the purpose of this life. There is a saying in Tamil that it’s a rare opportunity and a privilege to be born a human. It is indeed true because only as humans we possess intellect and are capable of performing meaningful actions. With the help of our intellect we should realize that any activity we perform should make the Emperumaan feel good about us and accordingly we should indulge in appropriate actions. This is only termed as Kainkaryam. So as we can see, Emperumaan is satisfied with us when we perform Kainkaryam. But Kainkaryam itself has different variety in itself. A classic example is the Kainkaryam performed by Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shathrugna. Lakshmana and Bharatha performed Bhagavath Kainkaryam (the former following Him physically, the latter following His order meticulously). On the other hand, Sathrugna was always keen on performing Kainkaryam to Bharatha who was Bhaagavatha. Among these three, Emperumaan loved Sathrugna the most since he followed the highest principle of doing Bhaagavatha kainkaryam. There are several other accounts which reveal the greatness of Bhaagavatha Kainkaryam. And a wrong doing (even a thought) against a Bhaagavatha is considered an unpardonable sin by Emperuman. Never should we feel hatred or develop prejudice towards Bhaagavathas.

Recently ,a group of 30 Sri Vaishnavas from Azhagiya Manavalamamunigal Kainkarya Sabha, headed by Srimushnam Sri U.Ve. Sreedharan Swamy visited SriRangam . Through the Sabha, Sri Sreedharan swamy has been doing wonderful kainkaryams. Organising yatras, organising discources throughout the year ,supporting unattended divya desams and many such noble deeds are being done by him. An employee of the Railways, he is a very excellent example of a person in loukeekam performing Herculean tasks for sampradayam. Though in Railways, his attire is exceedingly sampradayic. He sports the shikhai (Kudumi) and travels to office with thirumankappu. He is also the sishya of Sholingapuram Dhoddachar swamy and has done lot of kainkaryams to His Thirumaligai.

The purpose of their visit to Srirangam was to have a glimpse of the children of our Gurukulam and those of Bhattarpiran Veda Patasalai and spend time with them. When each one of us is entangled in our daily affairs, who is there to visit srirangam and spend time with the children who are working for the cause of the Supreme Being? With such a noble thought, these people visited Srirangam. They brought new garments (Veshti & Uthereeyam) for the students of the Patasalai and Gurukulam and handed them to all the students.

The SBG students later involved themselves in the Kainkaryam of performing a Thadheeyaradhanam for the Sri Vaishnavas and were so very interested in their care that the Srivaishnavas were extremely moved by their hospitality. They kept narrating the care shown by the children to the volunteers.  Later, the group wanted to visit the divya desams around Srirangam. Volunteers from Srimaan trust also got the opportunity to accompany them to those divya desams and assured them good seva/darshan at the temples.

Being Vaidikas, it is each of our responsibility to encourage Vedic studies and support the families of Vedic scholars. Needless to say, there is urging need to patronize all Veda Paatasaalai which are all centres of spiritual learning. It is very pleasing to see such noble deeds from the people which safeguard the Vaishnavite tradition. Our Sampradayam is in need of more such patrons whose Kainkaryams will match the statement “Srimanna Sriranga Sriyamanubhadravaam anudinam samvardhayaa” (Let the eternal glory of Srirangam multiply everyday).

For the website of Azhagiya Manavala Mamunigal Kainkarya Sabha, please click the link below :

For the excellent photos of the vasthra pradhanam, please see the link below :

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