Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Against the tide.

Priya arangan adiyar,

“Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind” is an oft quoted saying. Very true, in the sea of umpteen opportunities and variety of distractions, we are often mislead. When young we wish to study something, when grown up we study something else and land up in an altogether different arena in work. Considering the wave of options that splash over us, getting swept is not a surprise. Yet, there are some, who rise against the tide or go on to suppress it and swim successfully. Their clarity of purpose and deep conviction carries them through.

One such personality is Shri Thenthiruperai U.Ve.Aravindalochanan swamy. Hailing from one of the nava thirupathi divya desams, he was academic and competed his engineering in Electronic and Communication. Wishing to make it big in the corporate world, he followed his dream and landed in Chennai. Taking up a job in Bayer Medical Instruments he climbed the ladder in a breeze. That was when he encountered a few persons in Sampradayam which led to listening to discourses. Slowly the thoughts and practices of our poorvacharyas seeped into his heart. And a subtle transformation took place. His inclination for Sampradayam grew in geometric progression. Somehow, he juggled work and worship. He learnt the intricacies of Sampradayam from eminent personalities in .And slowly he started discoursing on the tenets of Sampradayam. Marriage happened and the couple begot two bright girls. And now the thoughts of Sampradaya began to consume him. The corporate world seemed too material for his sensibilities. And the need to make people realize Sampradaya and its practices grew in him. Carrying the responsibility of a householder and further two daughters weighed high in his mind. But he was a man of purpose and a man of aim. With a very understanding wife beside him, He quit the world of loukeekam and plunged into Sampradayam.

Aravindalochana swamy has been giving discourses on a variety of topics. He was recently at Srirangam and we took the opportunity to felicitate him under the monthly scheme of ‘Vidwath vandanam’ at Gurukulam. On entry into the Gurukulam, he immediately asked two pasurams on Srirangam from Periya Thirumozhi to two children. And they immediately recited the pasurams flawlessly. He was extremely impressed and discoursed on those two pasurams to the children. He explained the duties and the greatness of being a student at a Gurukulam. He explained the twin tales from SriKrishnavatharam, one about the acharya-bhakthi Lord Krishna had and the charitram of the ‘lost children of a brahmin’ whom Lord Krishna rescued (which were the content of the pasurams recited by the children.)

The children were exceedingly happy to have him and listen to the droplets of wisdom that dripped from his lips. And he was honoured by the children.

It is a very striking example of a person, who, just like us had normal goals but converted them into loftier ones. Let us all draw inspiration from him.

The CDs/DVDs of Aravindalochanan swamy are available at many places. We are giving his phone number and email address so that you buy his work and relish them. Needless to say, it would also help someone who has quit a corporate job for Sampradayam.

His phone no : 09445250507
His email address :

The photos of the vidwath  vandanam are here :


  1. Pranams to U.Ve.Aravindalochanan swamy. He is certainly one of the stars in this hours of darkness of Sanathana Dharma. He is gift delivered to us by the almighty. May God bless him with health, wealth and energy to carry on his mission.


  2. Aravindalochanan swami thiruvadigale saranam