Monday, August 27, 2012

An elevating meet -II

Priya arangan adiyar,

(The talk of Ammangar addressing the parents continues )

Morals from the sastras and from the life and words of the Poorvacharyas are the best for children and elders alike. The words of the Acharyas are such that they can be implemented at any age, any place and more importantly in any environment. We know corporate principles. They are of great applicability in the world of corporates. But outside that world we cannot apply them. If we do, it will work the opposite way and end up as a deterrent. Similarly many a spiritual or philosophical thought cannot be cut/ copied and pasted in a corporate environment. It may not work out well. But the Sastric thoughts and the thoughts of our Poorvacharyas are wisdom drenched that they have universal applicability. If you want to know how to implement them, you needn’t look elsewhere. Their life is there to show that to you. Hence the sastric and poorvacharya’s morals are eternal. What is satyam? “Satyam bhootahithaproksham” That which does good to beings is satyam. The definition is simple, yet subtle and clear. Suppose a good man seeks asylum at your house from hooligans. And the gang follows him and end up at your doors asking for him, u need to tell them u have never seen that man. Yes you have to speak satyam! Hiding the good man is best both for him as well as the bullies. By saving him you save a good soul and by misleading the others you restrict them from turning sinners. So subtle a concept and yet very practical. The sastric thought is always with “reference to the context”. Rarely will we find some thought too idealistic to the extent that it becomes hard to practice.

Spirituality is vital for children. When we mean spirituality it does not refer to by-hearting of shlokas or pasurams alone. Children should realize their relationship with the Supreme Being. When such a realization gets ingrained in their minds, it changes their perspective of thinking of their future. Equilibrium is maintained throughout their life. The walk on the path of dharma and never go astray. Their ability to discern between vital and non-vital tasks grows by leaps and bounds. The mindless stubbornness to do a work even if it involves adharma is forever erased from their minds. So the focus is more on the way things are done than the end we attain. We can see the past and the present history. A man howsoever large his growth, howsoever successful in career, fall at a time in life. And if he is spiritual he rises with resilience. If not, he may fall still lower.Hence spirituality is an essential ingredient in every school syllabus.

( ……to be continued)

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