Monday, August 6, 2012

At the blink of an eye - I

Priya arangan adiyar,

Keeping their weapons aside, Lord Krishna and Balarama, both the valiant, moved freely in their house. After performing the daily rituals, they took rest and talked to each other. Meanwhile, a great event occurred suddenly. The sky was covered with clouds and mountains on the earth shook. All the yadavas trembled and fell down on earth. Seeing them falling down, Balarama and Krishna remained still. They knew the best of birds (Garuda) by the great waving of his wings. They saw Garuda who had come near. Then Lord Krishna spoke ” Oh the best among birds! Let us go to the great inner quarters of the Bhoja king, sitting there comfortably, we can discuss as we like.” The great Lord Baladeva  and Madhava went there along with Garuda and discussed among themselves in private.

The Lord spoke “Jarasandha can not be killed by us. The enemy's army is great even though we caused great weakness to the army along with the kings. The army is expanding so that even with hundred years it is not possible to kill. We will not be able to destroy his army. Hence son of vinata! I am telling you my opinion. Living in mathura will not be good for us.” Paying obeisance to the lord of devas (Krishna), Garuda said “I left your side and went to kushasthali to check whether the place is suitable for you to live. I saw a city with all auspicious signs. The city is located on the sea, cooled by eastern winds. Surrounded by the sea all around, it cannot be conquered even by devas. O Lord Krishna, please go there and establish your residence. Named as the city of doors(  dwar=dwarika), this city will be, famous in the three worlds and beautiful as the city of amaravathi for Indra. 

Lord Krishna also discussed this acceptable opinion with His brother and expressed the desire to go ahead with the plan of occupying the gem-like city of Dwaraka. The Lord ordered for the purification ceremony. 

In a short period, in an early morning, devoid of impurities, as the sun was rising, the Devata of devas performed the morning rituals and sat in the interior forest. Then he roamed in the area to seek a suitable place for the fortress.. On the best auspicious day, under the asterism of Rohini, with the auspicious words pronounced by the best of Dwijas, the activities for the construction of the fort started with a grand purification ceremony. Then Puroshottama, with eyes beautiful as the leaves of lotus flower, spoke to His people. Krishna said “Look at this land selected by me. It is like heaven. I have also assigned a name for the city by which it will be famous. This city made by me on the earth, named dvAravati (city with gates) will be marvellous like the city, Amaravati of Indra. Take household items, make three cross junctions, measure the royal paths and the paths for buildings. Send for expert builders suited for construction of houses. Send men to places for getting workers. As the Yadavas having great souls were engaged in the construction, Keshava thought about quick construction of the city. Then a divine idea leading to quick construction occurred to him. The city, likely to fulfill all the Yadava wishes and leading to their progress, shall be made by the best architect of devas ,lord Vishvakarma, out of his mind.

At that moment itself, the preceptor of architects, visvakarma, having great intellect, stood before Krishna. He said “Oh Vishnu! One who is firmly resolute! Quickly sent by Indra, I have come here as your servant. Tell me what I should do.” Hearing the humble words of vishvakarma, Krishna said “You are knowledgeable about the meaning of secret of devas. We plan to live here. It is essentially your duty to construct a house for me here. Construct a city for me, suitable to my splendour, along with houses showing your skill. Your work is to construct this city as the best on earth.”

( be continued)

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