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At the blink of an eye - II (End)

Priya arangan adiyar,

( ....continued)

Building the city :
Hearing the words of Lord, Vishwakarma thought for a few seconds. He was pleased seeing the site for the city. The ocean showed high respect for Govinda and moved apart to accommodate the whole of Yadavas. Then Vishvakarma spoke to Krishna “From today itself, let all occupy the residences. O lord! I have already made this great city conceptually with my mind without any delay of time. The best walls of the fort shined with sculptured doors along with trenches, door frames and archways with beautiful women, men and merchants along with varieties of commodities, endowed with an assembly of best houses, large number of pathways, this city was beautified on earth by the ocean. An auspicious place even for the gods, the city of Dwaraka sparkled like the sky shining with stars. Lord Krishna, along will all the yadavas, resided in that city, making it sparkle like the moon sparkling in the sky. Vishvakarma made the city as the yadavas were simply watching. It was like a dream for the Yadavas as well as for Janardhana. It seemed as though the splendid city was meticulously planned for many years before being constructed.

Wish of the Supreme :
When the Supreme Being wishes, why can’t such a miracle happen? When Emperumaan is able to perform the act of Srishti (merging the achit and chit) with effortless ease, like our making the inanimate clock work by thrusting a small battery into its spine, why cant He build a town at the wink of the eyelid? Anything can happen if His sankalpam is there. All our Ithihasas and Puranas keep repeating this fact through umpteen examples.

Epitome of Physical Kainkaryam :

So, when 70 Srivaishnava Bhagavathas came to Srirangam from Salem, participated in the construction work of Sri Koorathazhwan sannidhi and modified the look of the sannidhi in a day's time, we were reminded of the work of Vishwakarma.

SriAzhwan's glory :

Sri Kooratazhwan, who’s fame is known to everyone can be defined in toto as  ‘the Srivaishnava lexicon’. Every good quality existing in all the lokas took refuge in this Personality. It is not a hyperbole if we tell pious traits emanated from Him and spread across the world. To Ramanuja, He was a treasure ever waiting to lend itself for use to its owner, to His family, He was the very summit of goodness, to the world, he was the idol of ideal living and austerity and to Emperuman, He was a surprise. Never could have Emperuman dreamt His mind could conceptualize a Personality as SriAzhwan. Sri Azhwan was His best handiwork yet a heartening surprise to Him. Is not Kooratazhwan sathveekam in its human form? Or is not Azhwan intelligence in skin and flesh? Is He not Positive Attitude in animation? Is He not purity of thought in Person? Is He not a Staunch Believer in Bone and Being? He is that and Beyond. At times, we feel that we can never feel Him. Never fathom Him. Never penetrate thorough the fog that envelopes us from Him. Yes ,the fog of Agnyanam, the fog of Ahankaram, the fog of Mamakaram that keeps us away from realizing the towering personality that set foot on earth and in the annals of History.

Participation in the divine kainkaryam of SriAzhwan :

To go a step further towards His Grace, can’t we at least participate in a Kainkaryam to renovate His sannidhi at Srirangam? He is extolled as having given His Darshanam for Srivaishnava Darshanam. That is undoubtedly a credit to Him. But to us, normal Beings rowing through life, what has He given? Way to live. Way to talk. Way to walk. Way to think. Way to see. Way to be. Every step we need to take in the mushy wood of life has been carved by Emperuman through SriKooratazhwan. He stood for values, values we need to imbibe. If we go through His life, a strong feeling surface that His Jathakam was written very well. But we feel He re-wrote it with His own hands for the benefit of Sampradayam and ultimately, us. Incidentally, it gave His body unspeakable pain, gave His heart immeasurable pang in the form of separation from Acharyan. But He did it all, for us. Only for us. thinking of Him, our eyes get moist, legs turn weak...but yes, a feeling of purpose creeps into our hearts. Only His grace can let it stay there forever.

What can it not do?
Participation in some way in the renovation work of His sannidhi is a way to purify our Hearts. A way to cleanse it of its negativity, to sweep the conceit it brews everyday, to harmoniously integrate heart,mind and body. A long step towards being more human and thinking human. No need to mention the Punyam it will bestow upon us.

Those who feel kainkaryam to SriKooratazhwan as a further act in establishing our nexus to the Supreme Being, please do contribute, whatever you can .

Setting tone for divine contribution :

Smt. Varalakshmi amma, a sishya of Sri Parasara Ranganatha Bhattar swamy expressed her wish to contribute to the sannidhi kainkaryam and handed over Rs.40,000 for the kainkaryam. Her contribution was handed over by the children of SBK to Sri Parasara Thiruvenkata Bhattar swamy, photo link is here :

The details of the ongoing kainkaryam is here below:
  • Flooring for the sannidhi of SriKooratazhwan - 1000 black bricks used
  • Complete renovation of the Thirumadappalli (Kitchen) so that the thadheeyaradhanai kainkaryam  can happen more extensively. The Tirumadappalli is in a dilapidated condition now.
  • Complete flooring for the whole praakaram and the inside area where gosthi is held.
  • Painting of the whole area.

Cost estimate :
The total cost estimate of the kainkaryam is Rs.6,00,000.

For contribution, the contact details are below. Srimaan Trust could be contacted for clarification of any doubt regarding the kainkaryam.

Address:  Azhwars and Acharyas Trust, No.228, South Uthra Street, Srirangam, Trichy -6

Contact Person: Sri Parasara Sudarsana Bhattar. Cell :09244633398
Savings Account Details: 023001000696999, City Union Bank, Trichy Branch (Main)
IFSC Code: CIUB0000023

For the wonderful photos of a part of the Physical Kainkaryam of salem bhagavathas, please click the link below:


For the videos of the ongoing kainkaryam, please click the link below :

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