Sunday, August 12, 2012

Descending, for our own sake.

Priya Arangan Adiyar,

In Upadesa Rathina malai, Swami Mamunigal says "emakkAga vanRO ingANdAL avatharitthAL". Swami Pillailokam Jeeyar's commentary runs, "prajai kiNatRilE vizhundhAl okkak  kudhiththu edukkum thaayaip pOlE samsAramagnarAna nammai edukkaikkAga vanRO!".

Swami Mamunigal says that Andal incarnated for our own sake.  Pillailokam Jeeyar elaborates the meaning through his comment that Andal descended for our sake to rescue us from samsaram, like a mother jumping into the well to save her child.

Thiruvadippooram, the day of descent of Andal, marks the day the eternal consort of the Lord of Srivaikuntam, incarnated in our midst to uplift us to the eternal world and rescue us from the difficulties of our material existence. 

Out of gratitude, recognition and regard, the students of Srimaan Gurukulam celebrated a festival of great detail       on the occasion of Her thirunakshatram. The  festival started  with the installation of Garuda by rites and the hoisting of   the Garuda flag, a process famously recognized as Dwajarohanam. 

Thereafter, each day until the 23rd of July was celebrated with Thirumanjanam in the mornings and processions in the Chitra veethi in the evenings - Tholukkiniyaan Purappadu, Sesha Vahanam and Kudhirai Vahanam.  On the 23rd, the thirunakshathram of Andal, the students conducted Serthy purappadu of the Lord and Andal in togetherness. A spectacular theerthavari at Kollidam and Dvaja-avarohanam on the 24th concluded the festival.

For the divine photos of the event, please click the link below :

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