Saturday, August 4, 2012

The answer is : Holistic - IV (end)

Priya arangan adiyar,


At the end of the session, a few children decided to exhibit their learning to the dental doctor. Asking her to take a seat among his colleagues, a child explained the whole life of a tooth, from its birth, through the sunny days of unassailable strength followed by the downfall in the form of bacterial encroachment, sudden, unheeded help from a dentist, intense surgery, a long period of recuperation and back to the shining self. The child was like an artist in his explanation of the life of the tooth. Question on dental caries were very in-genuine, considering the age of the children.

The dentist was so inspired by the response of the children and their proactive behaviour that she wanted to teach the gurukulam children also. The very same day, a visit was made to the gurukulam children. They too were very interested in knowing the functioning of the tooth. The questions from the gurukulam children were more on cavity and solutions ( since some of them would have succumbed to it). 

The overall experience was quite enriching, for the children, the dentist and us, the onlooking volunteers. And as the doctor bid adieu to the Acharyah children, they did flaunt the shining, strong and valorous white teeth, thus proving the whole effort on the part of Acharyah a definite success. 

If any of you have doubts on tooth and its care, please don’t ask us. We are mere volunteers. We shall be obliged to ask you to seek professional help. For the wonderful photos of the dental care session, please click the link below:

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