Friday, September 28, 2012

Celebrations - 1

Priya arangan adiyar,

The Vedas praise the Lord as the greatest, the one with no equal or superior. They extol His supremacy and mastery. He is beyond comprehension by the mind and the senses. The demigods and the Vedas themselves turn out to be incapable of completing knowing Him. He is the most difficult to attain and at the same time, the most exalted gain to the soul.

On being taught so, a student of the Vedas would assume that the Lord is beyond him. He may be dejected that such an infinitely fascinating and glorious being is well beyond his faculties. We know and understand things that can be perceived by our sense organs. How would one know and attain Him, who is beyond the senses? How would we approach Him? He is the repository of all goodness, whereas we are entangled in misgivings. Would He even accept us? Would the supremely blissful One care for us?

Shattering such fears for good, the Lord descended on to the earth. He was born in our midst. He lived with us. He treated us like brothers and sisters, like mothers and fathers. He made friends with us. He took care of us. He would rush to answer the calls of children like Prahladha and animals like Gajendra. The Supreme Being let Himself be used freely by His devotees.

Still, these other incarnations pale in comparison with the last one, when He appeared as Krishna, the most lovable one. He made Himself accessible to the ignorant village folk. He played with them, stole their butter (and their hearts) and protected their cows and their calves. His pass-times and exploits arrest the mind of the world from thinking about anything else. The unreachable Brahmam was tied to a mortar by Yasodha. The Lord of whom all souls are servants, ran about like a messenger to the Pandavas and acted as a chauffeur to Arjuna. The entire world watches it enchanted by His sowlabhyam.

There is more to Krishna. And then, there are the nice things about how His Jayanthi was celebrated at our Gurukulam.

Some beautiful photos to share before going forward further on SriJayanthi utsavam:

(to be continued...)

Monday, September 24, 2012

A respite from monotony...

Priya arangan adiyar,

A trip to a place of scenic beauty is a wonderful experience. We can witness the Lord’s creation flowing smoothly before our eyes. No external interruption. And when little children accompany us, they merge with the scene before us since being natural is their attribute. An Acharyah teacher shares her experience of one such trip with the children of Acharyah. She has also written on her plans to evaluate the learning of the children in the trip. Most of us (volunteers) missed the opportunity to be part of the trip. Let us all read what she has to say  

It was a very pleasant Tuesday, the weather perfect for the field trip. Our destination was chosen as  Mukkombu which is a dam built on the Kaveri River. It is about 18 kilometers ,west of Trichy at a point where River Kollidam branches out from the main river, Cauvery.

The objective of the trip was that children would benefit from the field trip because they were able to learn about different land forms. This experience will help them understand how Srirangam is an island. It benefits the curriculum because it will get the children more engaged in social sciences and quite possibly allow students to view social science in a different perspective and gear them towards a career in social science.

About the trip:

We started at around 10:30 AM as a group of 48 people inclusive of the children and teachers. The trip started off very smoothly with the children very excited about the trip. Their excitement was eminent when we crossed the Kollidam bridge and a small branch of the river running all along with the route to Mukkombu.

We crossed the dam to reach the park. The children took turns to play at each and every equipment in the park under the careful supervision of the teachers. They played with the slide, see saw, merry-go-round, swings. The snacks and water was given to the students before proceeding to move towards the other side of the park which had a fun dragon train ride. The children were enthralled with the train ride. We then proceeded to see the statue forms of animals like alligator, peacock, elephant, parrot, tiger. We even went through a small entrance which had elephant tusks on both sides.

Then came the lunch time when the children sat in the form of a big circle and enjoyed their lunch under the shade of the well manicured trees in the park.
After lunch, the 1st std children were told about the characteristics of trees, leaves, fruits by our principal.

The trip was then concluded with all the children happy extremely happy with the joyful trip. We started back to school around 2:30 PM.

For the wonderful photos of the kids, please click the link below :

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The divine nectar.

Srimate Ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

The Bhagavad Gītā, taught by Kṛṣṇa to Arjuna on the warlands of Kurukētra is the most important section of the Mahābhāratha.  It has caught the respect and interest of hundreds of spiritual teachers and philosophers of the past, and it continues to do so to this day.  It would not be an exaggeration to say that the meaning of the Gītā has been severally analyzed and taught all over the world, like no other book in history.  The deep message of the Gītā lays a profound philosophical foundation to the system of Vēdānta, and enhances the spiritual quotient of the learners. 
To create interest and propagate this fascinating book in a world mired in the disenchantment sprouting from falsities, Chinmaya mission has taken upon itself to conduct competitions far and across, especially among the children.  One such competition was hosted in Srirangam where twelve schools were represented in terms of participants, three of the participants were from Acharyah school.  The competition was based on the twelfth chapter of the Bhagavad Gītā that deals with Bhakti Yōga.   The final outcome of the competition saw Sukrithi and Srirenganidhi, both from Acharyah school, bag the first and third prizes respectively. 
Final competition photos :

Selection round held at Acharyah school :


Vote for SevaTV!

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha

Priya arangan adiyars,

VT Seva is an organization performing various social activities to the downtrodden and under-privileged groups of our society. They provide help for weaker sections by means of providing education and health facilities to them. This organization was started by HH Sri Tridandi Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamy few decades ago with an idea of giving back to our society. But the order of the day is secularism and people frown at service organizations with religious background. Due to this, HH Sri Tridandi Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamy started VT Seva for social activities with a secular outlook and Jeeyar Education Trust (JET) for spiritual activities.

VT Seva has been performing lot of charitable activities like organizing medical camps for poor, schooling for tribal and under-privileged children, offering help in regions affected by natural calamities etc. Even during the 2004 tsunami, VT Seva offered a lot of services to the rescued people. For example they built rehabilitation centres, provided boats for fishermen etc. Currently, VT Seva is eager to expand their activities to a large extent but restricted due to lack of funds.

In an annual contest called Chase Community Giving, VT Seva has been nominated from a number of NGOs. The prize money for the winner with maximum votes is $ 250,000 (Around Rs.1.25cr). It would be a great thing if VT Seva can receive this amount to serve the weaker sections of our society. So we request you to pass it on to interested Bhakthas who would vote for this noble cause.
Please use the following link for voting through Facebook

  1. Click the above link and allow the application
  2. Once again click that above link to  vote for VT Seva 
  3. Share the link you get with your friends and relatives
When your friend uses that link to vote, you earn a bonus vote

So if each user shares the generated link with their friends, more bonus votes will be earned. This is also worth mentioning as it can generate a number of votes through cascading.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Choice of the sapient

Srimate Ramanujaya nama:
 Priya arangan adiyar,
Svāmi Kūrattāzvān explains the greatness of Śrī Rāma's auspicious attributes in Atimānuastavam through several hymns.  One of them runs thus, 
tādgguō nanu babhūvitha rāghavatvē yastāvakacaritamanvaha anvabhukta | 
sō~traiva hanta! hanumān paramā vimuktibuddhvā~vadhūya carita tava sēvatē~sau || 
Śrī Rāma displayed such an enchanting constellation of resplendent auspicious attributes that Hanūmān, who enjoyed His Kalyāa guas forsake even the benefit of attaining the eternal abode of Śrī Vaikunha in order to incessantly relish the narrative of the life of Lord Rāma.  
While liberation from material bonds is sought after by the intelligent, a person of such sagacity as Hanūmān decided to give it up, only to enjoy forever the divine narrative of the Śrī Rāmāyaa.  The choice of Hanūmān inspires us to learn this sacred epic, and let it be known to others for the benefit and good of all.   
In order to catch the minds when they are young and fresh, Srimaan Trust has been committed to conducting contests on Śrī Rāmāyaa.  Recently, Madurai saw an instance of this special programme aimed at spiritual enrichment of the young.  The day was ‘Thiruvadi Pooram’, the avathara day of Aandal. Eight schools had participated in the initial written exam.  The Madurai Sriramayanam final function got underway with Mr. Seetharaman, the Director of Viswas promoters as its chief guest and the general secretary of TAMBRAS, Mr. Jagannathan as a special invitee.  Mr. Ganapathi Narasimhan of TAMBRAS was among the guests invited.  Mr. Seetharaman of Viswas Promoters permitted the function to be conducted free of cost in the auditorium constructed by him for the sake of spiritual activities.  In addition, he personally distributed prasādam to the gathering.  In his address, he drew a parallel with followers of other religions who greatly regard the books sacred to them and insisted that every household must treasure a copy of ŚrīRāmāyaam. In his address, the Founder Acharya expressed happiness for choosing the birth day of Godha Devi for conducting the Prize distribution function. He insisted that just as Aandal nurtured Bhakthi for Emperuman in her childhood, all children should follow her and develop spiritual thoughts right from their childhood. Even at the time of development, the rose needs a fertile ground( soil). It is the same with spiritual growth. 
It is the intention of Srimaan Trust, which runs along the thinking of noble souls like Mr. Seetharaman, that all of humankind benefit from and experience the lofty principles enshrined in the ŚrīRāmāyaam.
For the inspiring photos of the event, please click the link below :

Monday, September 10, 2012

A matter of sustenance

Srimate Ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,
Sri Rāma has to cross over the sea to reach Lanka.  The likes of Ādiśēa and Garua are ready to do His bidding.  The Dēvas would serve Him as well.  Yet, He chooses to take the company of monkeys to build a bridge across the sea.  These are no ordinary monkeys.  A single one is capable of lifting a mountain as if it were lifting a small pebble.  There are more monkeys than are mountains.  Yet, they crowd and carry the mountains together.  Let us take a closer look.  No, they are all not carrying it.  Only one monkey is doing the actual task of lifting the mountain.  The rest are just touching it, and tagging along.  Why?  Why don't the other monkeys take rest and let just ten or twenty of them do the work? It is because they wanted to take part in Rāma Kainkaryam.  Even though the task is small, they all want to participate in it.  They sustain themselves by performing service to Lord Rāma. 
Śrī Mani Balaji, a student of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzhaam spoke thus explaining the hymn 'Kurangugal malaiyai nookka' of Tirumālai. Even the insignificant squirrels took a dip in the ocean, bathed themselves in the sand and settle the sand in the bridge being constructed. It was on the occasion of Āvai Hastham, the Tirunakshatram of Svāmi Appācchiyāraṇṇā, which was celebrated by Śrī Mudaliyāṇḍān Tirumāigai.  The students of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzhaam took part in a series of events on this auspicious occasion.  The function started with the prayer song.  There was also discourse on Thiruvarangam by Śrī Balaji.  The function also featured two songs each on ŚrīRāma and Namperumā.  The audience was treated to an interesting debate on the importance of knowledge over the character of the soul - "Jñānamā? Ātmaguamā?" 
Do check out video snippets of the function at, 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Kudhirai Vahanam Vaiyali utsavam

Priya arangan adiyar,

Today's utsavam of our Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam Perumal's Kudhirai Vahanam (Vaiyali) utsavam at 730pm.

Kindly watch, enjoy  the same at and bless the Gurukulam Children.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Faith, at its glorious pinnacle.

Priya arangan adiyar,


In an emotion filled gathering at SriKooratazhwan sannidhi, Sriram, our past student of Gurukulam and the son of Vaikuntavasi Srivaishnavar Sri Sudarshana Bhattar (whose life was claimed in the Nepal air crash) was handed Rs.1,25,000/- collected from various quarters including the contribution from your divine self. The function was graced by Sri U.Ve.Parasara Thiruvengada Bhattar swamy, Srivaishnanasri Krishnamachariar swamy and a few others. While haling the Trust for its sincere attempts at helping people in distress,  they pointed out that persons in the Vaidika field ( like the father of Sriram) have no scheme like pension or anything to support the family either after their retirement ( i.e an age when they cannot work) or in case of their sudden demise. Hence they requested the gathering to support such people who live for the Kainkaryam of Emperuman.


As we were witnessing this event, our hearts pained at the sight of the child. Such an agony shouldn’t have enveloped so young a child. Our thoughts were wandering around this throughout the event. When we were at Kainkaryam during the Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham session at the evening, a number of children were soulfully reciting Perumal Thirumozhi 5th decade. The pasuram “ Vaalaal arutthu chudinum marutthuvan paal maalaadha kaadhal noiaalanpoal” seemed to be directed at us. Kulashekara Azhwar, with an uncanny ability to quote apt examples at the most emotional moment states “Just as the patient shows utmost regard and reposes immense faith on the doctor, even when confronted and hurt with sharp apparatus ( like scalpel) by the doctor to remove his wound , my love and faith on You, oh! Lord, shall never diminish when surmounted by enormous problems and stricken by unforeseen grief; for I know what you do can only be for my own good". Such is the faith Azhwar places on the Supreme Emperuman.

And when we look out to see if there are any practical examples of anyone who has lived life as Azhwar has described, a soul stirring incident ( our eyes are moist as we type this) from the life of our Poorvacharyas pops up from the Vyakyanam of this pasuram. An Acharya by name Pillai Thirunarayur arayar visited the Divya kshetram ‘ Thottiyam Thirunarayanapuram’ (in Trichy) with his wife and children. When the family was inside the sanctum sanctorum, heretics set fire to the temple. In the melee that ensued, people ran helter-skelter for safety with no thought of the Deity. But Arayar, with his richness of love for the Deity would not desert the scene as long as life was in him. And his family followed suit and all of them embraced His divya mangala vigraha from all sides. But the fire took centre stage and the little children, gasping for breath exclaimed “We cannot bear this anymore”. With eyes bursting in tears, Pilla Thirunarayur arayar said “Dear loved ones! Just wait for some time, all this pain will last only a while, then you shall have eternal joy at the feet of the Lord in SriVaikuntam” “ When the doctor cuts your wound, when you bleed immensely, when the pain is excruciating, have faith in Him, it will only be an eternal pain free and joyful life for you”. The children were greatly relieved at such a loving reassurance of their father and soon all of them lost their life while still embracing the Deity. 

Our answer to the question lay in this pasuram and the life of that exemplary acharya. Who are we to reason what the Supreme Beings wills? Our knowledge of things is restricted only to the past happenings of this birth. He knows what we were what we are and will be. He is our doctor and knows what will cure our ailments.Whenever we find someone struck by grief, let us submit ourselves to them with utmost love. If the loss is of a child, let us become the child and if the loss is the father, let us become the father. We are here as His representatives. That is what defines us as Srivaishnavites and people of Sanathana Dharma.

Srimaan Trust, with the divine Grace of Lord Ranganatha, has aided you all in becoming the father of this child Sriram. Let us extend our support for all such calamity – struck families.

For the photos of the event, please click the link below :

Monday, September 3, 2012

SriGunarathnaKosham - Telugu Upanyasam

Priya arangan adiyar,

Our founder Srirangam Sri Parasara U. Ve. Badri Narayana Bhattar Swami's Telugu Upanyasam is being telecast on SriGunarathnaKosham in Sri Venkateswara Bhakthi Channel (SVBC - TTD) starting from August 28 - Tuesday to Friday at 7:30am. The same upanyasam will be re-telecast at 11.30pm on the same days.

Kindly watch, enjoy our SriRanga Nachiar's Vaibhavam and get the divine grace of the divine couple.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

displaying gratitude.

Priya arangan adiyar,


Sri U.Ve.Koil Vidwan Narasimhachariar swamy’s family was recently honoured with the amount collected from the sale of ‘Bhoga Mantapam’ CD which was sold along with Srimaan Trust’s Annual Diary. The daughter-in-law of Swamy received the money collected. It was a  very emotional scene. She said Swamy lived the whole of His life for the promotion of Sampradayam. Through days of utter poverty, through days of extreme family problem, Sampradayam was His Companion. Even at the age of 80, Swamy would accept to do discourse at four different places in Chennai. His dedication to family was equal to the dedication to he showed to sampradayam. In the days He lived, he majorly contributed to the expenses of the family. The daughter – in –law wept think back of Him and exclaimed that even now, post His attaining Paramapadam, He is helping the family by the sale of this (Bhoga Mantapam) CD.

Swamy was someone known for dedication. He was born to enlighten us on the intricacies of Sampradayam as well as teach us what it takes to be a man of knowledge. Not only do His upanyasams support the family now, even His tongue is supporting many Upanyasakars now. 

For the photos of the function, please click the link below :


“Nurturing a plant from the time the seeds are sowed is very important. Watering it after it has grown will definitely help, but care from the sprouting time will make a huge difference" is the philosophy of SriNathan, a great soul settled in Srirangam from Bangalore. He runs a Trust and through it helps children financially from the day they join school. Most of us jump into the scholarship/ aiding scene when a child is heading for college. But he wants to aid them from the very beginning. Such a chance was offered to him and he readily helped a group of children recently.


Once the cows stop their supply of milk, they are considered to be useless and no care is taken of them. This is the policy adopted by hordes of Companies. Once all the work from an employee is extracted and he can work no further, he is sent out and no further care is taken of him. How can organizations be so inhuman? To develop a feeling of gratitude towards past employees, the past cook of our Gurukulam was recently honoured through SriNathan. The whole of his medical needs were taken care of. Even during the days of his kainkaryam the Gurukulam , the volunteers of our Trust looked after His family with extreme care and love. It is not only monetary help, but being with them while they are not well that matters the most.

In a similar fashion, the parents of a volunteer /wife of the present day cook at gurukulam were also provided medical aid. They were very happy to receive the love and attention more than the monetary help.

It is our duty to take utmost care of the people who meant a lot to us during some phase of life but have now drifted from our minds.

For the photos of this kainkaryam, please see the link below :

Everyone of us likes colours. When different colours decide to collide to form a myriad combination of textures in the form of a rainbow, we thank our vision. But what do we do when all such colours decide to beautify a group of children and splash on us all at once. That was how it felt on August 15th at Acharyah when the children were performing for the fancy dress competition. Each child chose to dress up like a freedom fighter and delivered a suitable dialogue. It was a pleasure to watch the innocent faces deliver such heavy dialogues. The likes of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Subhash Chandra Bose, Gandhi made up to the podium and kept the audience entralled. The chief guest of the function was Shri Vamsidharan, a person accomplished in loukeekam. The Judge of the function were Shri Krishnamoorthy and Smt. Chitra.
The behavior , attitude and the performance of the children were appreciated by the Chief Guest. The thoughts of national integrity should be sown in children. They should grow up thinking of the sacrifices done from the period of our Acharyas to the recent true leaders. Once such opportunity was this fancy dress competition which ended very well

For the colourful photos of the function, please click the link below :


The children of Gurukulam are performing the Brahmotsavam for their deity. We plan to broadcast it from Monday. Please log on to the following address to have a divine sevai of the utsavam: