Monday, September 24, 2012

A respite from monotony...

Priya arangan adiyar,

A trip to a place of scenic beauty is a wonderful experience. We can witness the Lord’s creation flowing smoothly before our eyes. No external interruption. And when little children accompany us, they merge with the scene before us since being natural is their attribute. An Acharyah teacher shares her experience of one such trip with the children of Acharyah. She has also written on her plans to evaluate the learning of the children in the trip. Most of us (volunteers) missed the opportunity to be part of the trip. Let us all read what she has to say  

It was a very pleasant Tuesday, the weather perfect for the field trip. Our destination was chosen as  Mukkombu which is a dam built on the Kaveri River. It is about 18 kilometers ,west of Trichy at a point where River Kollidam branches out from the main river, Cauvery.

The objective of the trip was that children would benefit from the field trip because they were able to learn about different land forms. This experience will help them understand how Srirangam is an island. It benefits the curriculum because it will get the children more engaged in social sciences and quite possibly allow students to view social science in a different perspective and gear them towards a career in social science.

About the trip:

We started at around 10:30 AM as a group of 48 people inclusive of the children and teachers. The trip started off very smoothly with the children very excited about the trip. Their excitement was eminent when we crossed the Kollidam bridge and a small branch of the river running all along with the route to Mukkombu.

We crossed the dam to reach the park. The children took turns to play at each and every equipment in the park under the careful supervision of the teachers. They played with the slide, see saw, merry-go-round, swings. The snacks and water was given to the students before proceeding to move towards the other side of the park which had a fun dragon train ride. The children were enthralled with the train ride. We then proceeded to see the statue forms of animals like alligator, peacock, elephant, parrot, tiger. We even went through a small entrance which had elephant tusks on both sides.

Then came the lunch time when the children sat in the form of a big circle and enjoyed their lunch under the shade of the well manicured trees in the park.
After lunch, the 1st std children were told about the characteristics of trees, leaves, fruits by our principal.

The trip was then concluded with all the children happy extremely happy with the joyful trip. We started back to school around 2:30 PM.

For the wonderful photos of the kids, please click the link below :

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