Friday, September 28, 2012

Celebrations - 1

Priya arangan adiyar,

The Vedas praise the Lord as the greatest, the one with no equal or superior. They extol His supremacy and mastery. He is beyond comprehension by the mind and the senses. The demigods and the Vedas themselves turn out to be incapable of completing knowing Him. He is the most difficult to attain and at the same time, the most exalted gain to the soul.

On being taught so, a student of the Vedas would assume that the Lord is beyond him. He may be dejected that such an infinitely fascinating and glorious being is well beyond his faculties. We know and understand things that can be perceived by our sense organs. How would one know and attain Him, who is beyond the senses? How would we approach Him? He is the repository of all goodness, whereas we are entangled in misgivings. Would He even accept us? Would the supremely blissful One care for us?

Shattering such fears for good, the Lord descended on to the earth. He was born in our midst. He lived with us. He treated us like brothers and sisters, like mothers and fathers. He made friends with us. He took care of us. He would rush to answer the calls of children like Prahladha and animals like Gajendra. The Supreme Being let Himself be used freely by His devotees.

Still, these other incarnations pale in comparison with the last one, when He appeared as Krishna, the most lovable one. He made Himself accessible to the ignorant village folk. He played with them, stole their butter (and their hearts) and protected their cows and their calves. His pass-times and exploits arrest the mind of the world from thinking about anything else. The unreachable Brahmam was tied to a mortar by Yasodha. The Lord of whom all souls are servants, ran about like a messenger to the Pandavas and acted as a chauffeur to Arjuna. The entire world watches it enchanted by His sowlabhyam.

There is more to Krishna. And then, there are the nice things about how His Jayanthi was celebrated at our Gurukulam.

Some beautiful photos to share before going forward further on SriJayanthi utsavam:

(to be continued...)

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