Thursday, September 13, 2012

Choice of the sapient

Srimate Ramanujaya nama:
 Priya arangan adiyar,
Svāmi Kūrattāzvān explains the greatness of Śrī Rāma's auspicious attributes in Atimānuastavam through several hymns.  One of them runs thus, 
tādgguō nanu babhūvitha rāghavatvē yastāvakacaritamanvaha anvabhukta | 
sō~traiva hanta! hanumān paramā vimuktibuddhvā~vadhūya carita tava sēvatē~sau || 
Śrī Rāma displayed such an enchanting constellation of resplendent auspicious attributes that Hanūmān, who enjoyed His Kalyāa guas forsake even the benefit of attaining the eternal abode of Śrī Vaikunha in order to incessantly relish the narrative of the life of Lord Rāma.  
While liberation from material bonds is sought after by the intelligent, a person of such sagacity as Hanūmān decided to give it up, only to enjoy forever the divine narrative of the Śrī Rāmāyaa.  The choice of Hanūmān inspires us to learn this sacred epic, and let it be known to others for the benefit and good of all.   
In order to catch the minds when they are young and fresh, Srimaan Trust has been committed to conducting contests on Śrī Rāmāyaa.  Recently, Madurai saw an instance of this special programme aimed at spiritual enrichment of the young.  The day was ‘Thiruvadi Pooram’, the avathara day of Aandal. Eight schools had participated in the initial written exam.  The Madurai Sriramayanam final function got underway with Mr. Seetharaman, the Director of Viswas promoters as its chief guest and the general secretary of TAMBRAS, Mr. Jagannathan as a special invitee.  Mr. Ganapathi Narasimhan of TAMBRAS was among the guests invited.  Mr. Seetharaman of Viswas Promoters permitted the function to be conducted free of cost in the auditorium constructed by him for the sake of spiritual activities.  In addition, he personally distributed prasādam to the gathering.  In his address, he drew a parallel with followers of other religions who greatly regard the books sacred to them and insisted that every household must treasure a copy of ŚrīRāmāyaam. In his address, the Founder Acharya expressed happiness for choosing the birth day of Godha Devi for conducting the Prize distribution function. He insisted that just as Aandal nurtured Bhakthi for Emperuman in her childhood, all children should follow her and develop spiritual thoughts right from their childhood. Even at the time of development, the rose needs a fertile ground( soil). It is the same with spiritual growth. 
It is the intention of Srimaan Trust, which runs along the thinking of noble souls like Mr. Seetharaman, that all of humankind benefit from and experience the lofty principles enshrined in the ŚrīRāmāyaam.
For the inspiring photos of the event, please click the link below :

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