Saturday, September 1, 2012

displaying gratitude.

Priya arangan adiyar,


Sri U.Ve.Koil Vidwan Narasimhachariar swamy’s family was recently honoured with the amount collected from the sale of ‘Bhoga Mantapam’ CD which was sold along with Srimaan Trust’s Annual Diary. The daughter-in-law of Swamy received the money collected. It was a  very emotional scene. She said Swamy lived the whole of His life for the promotion of Sampradayam. Through days of utter poverty, through days of extreme family problem, Sampradayam was His Companion. Even at the age of 80, Swamy would accept to do discourse at four different places in Chennai. His dedication to family was equal to the dedication to he showed to sampradayam. In the days He lived, he majorly contributed to the expenses of the family. The daughter – in –law wept think back of Him and exclaimed that even now, post His attaining Paramapadam, He is helping the family by the sale of this (Bhoga Mantapam) CD.

Swamy was someone known for dedication. He was born to enlighten us on the intricacies of Sampradayam as well as teach us what it takes to be a man of knowledge. Not only do His upanyasams support the family now, even His tongue is supporting many Upanyasakars now. 

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“Nurturing a plant from the time the seeds are sowed is very important. Watering it after it has grown will definitely help, but care from the sprouting time will make a huge difference" is the philosophy of SriNathan, a great soul settled in Srirangam from Bangalore. He runs a Trust and through it helps children financially from the day they join school. Most of us jump into the scholarship/ aiding scene when a child is heading for college. But he wants to aid them from the very beginning. Such a chance was offered to him and he readily helped a group of children recently.


Once the cows stop their supply of milk, they are considered to be useless and no care is taken of them. This is the policy adopted by hordes of Companies. Once all the work from an employee is extracted and he can work no further, he is sent out and no further care is taken of him. How can organizations be so inhuman? To develop a feeling of gratitude towards past employees, the past cook of our Gurukulam was recently honoured through SriNathan. The whole of his medical needs were taken care of. Even during the days of his kainkaryam the Gurukulam , the volunteers of our Trust looked after His family with extreme care and love. It is not only monetary help, but being with them while they are not well that matters the most.

In a similar fashion, the parents of a volunteer /wife of the present day cook at gurukulam were also provided medical aid. They were very happy to receive the love and attention more than the monetary help.

It is our duty to take utmost care of the people who meant a lot to us during some phase of life but have now drifted from our minds.

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Everyone of us likes colours. When different colours decide to collide to form a myriad combination of textures in the form of a rainbow, we thank our vision. But what do we do when all such colours decide to beautify a group of children and splash on us all at once. That was how it felt on August 15th at Acharyah when the children were performing for the fancy dress competition. Each child chose to dress up like a freedom fighter and delivered a suitable dialogue. It was a pleasure to watch the innocent faces deliver such heavy dialogues. The likes of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Subhash Chandra Bose, Gandhi made up to the podium and kept the audience entralled. The chief guest of the function was Shri Vamsidharan, a person accomplished in loukeekam. The Judge of the function were Shri Krishnamoorthy and Smt. Chitra.
The behavior , attitude and the performance of the children were appreciated by the Chief Guest. The thoughts of national integrity should be sown in children. They should grow up thinking of the sacrifices done from the period of our Acharyas to the recent true leaders. Once such opportunity was this fancy dress competition which ended very well

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The children of Gurukulam are performing the Brahmotsavam for their deity. We plan to broadcast it from Monday. Please log on to the following address to have a divine sevai of the utsavam:

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