Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Faith, at its glorious pinnacle.

Priya arangan adiyar,


In an emotion filled gathering at SriKooratazhwan sannidhi, Sriram, our past student of Gurukulam and the son of Vaikuntavasi Srivaishnavar Sri Sudarshana Bhattar (whose life was claimed in the Nepal air crash) was handed Rs.1,25,000/- collected from various quarters including the contribution from your divine self. The function was graced by Sri U.Ve.Parasara Thiruvengada Bhattar swamy, Srivaishnanasri Krishnamachariar swamy and a few others. While haling the Trust for its sincere attempts at helping people in distress,  they pointed out that persons in the Vaidika field ( like the father of Sriram) have no scheme like pension or anything to support the family either after their retirement ( i.e an age when they cannot work) or in case of their sudden demise. Hence they requested the gathering to support such people who live for the Kainkaryam of Emperuman.


As we were witnessing this event, our hearts pained at the sight of the child. Such an agony shouldn’t have enveloped so young a child. Our thoughts were wandering around this throughout the event. When we were at Kainkaryam during the Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham session at the evening, a number of children were soulfully reciting Perumal Thirumozhi 5th decade. The pasuram “ Vaalaal arutthu chudinum marutthuvan paal maalaadha kaadhal noiaalanpoal” seemed to be directed at us. Kulashekara Azhwar, with an uncanny ability to quote apt examples at the most emotional moment states “Just as the patient shows utmost regard and reposes immense faith on the doctor, even when confronted and hurt with sharp apparatus ( like scalpel) by the doctor to remove his wound , my love and faith on You, oh! Lord, shall never diminish when surmounted by enormous problems and stricken by unforeseen grief; for I know what you do can only be for my own good". Such is the faith Azhwar places on the Supreme Emperuman.

And when we look out to see if there are any practical examples of anyone who has lived life as Azhwar has described, a soul stirring incident ( our eyes are moist as we type this) from the life of our Poorvacharyas pops up from the Vyakyanam of this pasuram. An Acharya by name Pillai Thirunarayur arayar visited the Divya kshetram ‘ Thottiyam Thirunarayanapuram’ (in Trichy) with his wife and children. When the family was inside the sanctum sanctorum, heretics set fire to the temple. In the melee that ensued, people ran helter-skelter for safety with no thought of the Deity. But Arayar, with his richness of love for the Deity would not desert the scene as long as life was in him. And his family followed suit and all of them embraced His divya mangala vigraha from all sides. But the fire took centre stage and the little children, gasping for breath exclaimed “We cannot bear this anymore”. With eyes bursting in tears, Pilla Thirunarayur arayar said “Dear loved ones! Just wait for some time, all this pain will last only a while, then you shall have eternal joy at the feet of the Lord in SriVaikuntam” “ When the doctor cuts your wound, when you bleed immensely, when the pain is excruciating, have faith in Him, it will only be an eternal pain free and joyful life for you”. The children were greatly relieved at such a loving reassurance of their father and soon all of them lost their life while still embracing the Deity. 

Our answer to the question lay in this pasuram and the life of that exemplary acharya. Who are we to reason what the Supreme Beings wills? Our knowledge of things is restricted only to the past happenings of this birth. He knows what we were what we are and will be. He is our doctor and knows what will cure our ailments.Whenever we find someone struck by grief, let us submit ourselves to them with utmost love. If the loss is of a child, let us become the child and if the loss is the father, let us become the father. We are here as His representatives. That is what defines us as Srivaishnavites and people of Sanathana Dharma.

Srimaan Trust, with the divine Grace of Lord Ranganatha, has aided you all in becoming the father of this child Sriram. Let us extend our support for all such calamity – struck families.

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