Monday, September 10, 2012

A matter of sustenance

Srimate Ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,
Sri Rāma has to cross over the sea to reach Lanka.  The likes of Ādiśēa and Garua are ready to do His bidding.  The Dēvas would serve Him as well.  Yet, He chooses to take the company of monkeys to build a bridge across the sea.  These are no ordinary monkeys.  A single one is capable of lifting a mountain as if it were lifting a small pebble.  There are more monkeys than are mountains.  Yet, they crowd and carry the mountains together.  Let us take a closer look.  No, they are all not carrying it.  Only one monkey is doing the actual task of lifting the mountain.  The rest are just touching it, and tagging along.  Why?  Why don't the other monkeys take rest and let just ten or twenty of them do the work? It is because they wanted to take part in Rāma Kainkaryam.  Even though the task is small, they all want to participate in it.  They sustain themselves by performing service to Lord Rāma. 
Śrī Mani Balaji, a student of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzhaam spoke thus explaining the hymn 'Kurangugal malaiyai nookka' of Tirumālai. Even the insignificant squirrels took a dip in the ocean, bathed themselves in the sand and settle the sand in the bridge being constructed. It was on the occasion of Āvai Hastham, the Tirunakshatram of Svāmi Appācchiyāraṇṇā, which was celebrated by Śrī Mudaliyāṇḍān Tirumāigai.  The students of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzhaam took part in a series of events on this auspicious occasion.  The function started with the prayer song.  There was also discourse on Thiruvarangam by Śrī Balaji.  The function also featured two songs each on ŚrīRāma and Namperumā.  The audience was treated to an interesting debate on the importance of knowledge over the character of the soul - "Jñānamā? Ātmaguamā?" 
Do check out video snippets of the function at, 

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