Monday, October 15, 2012

A Call for Divine Service

Priya Arangan adiyar,

One Friday evening, as per the usual practice, the volunteers of Srimaan Trust were deeply
engrossed in reciting SriGunaratnakosham, the treasure trove of SriRenganachiar’s jewel-
like Gunas. As the recitation was progressing, a bespectacled person, in a normal official
outfit entered the Trust’s premises and sat at a corner. Once the recitation was over, one
volunteer enquired him the purpose of his coming.

His name was Rangarajan. A retired employee of BHEL, Shri Rangarajan’s love to serve a
selfless cause for the rest of his life didn’t materialize for long. And he had no idea of the
Trust’s existence till divine providence had put into his hands the issue of Shakthi Vikatam
carrying a detailed article on our Trust. With no second thoughts, his feet led him to the
Trust’s premises.

Every action of ours is usually dedicated in fulfilling our own needs and countless wants.
Instituting transformation in the lives of people around us is a different experience
altogether. And the joy of such a deed cannot match the joy of receiving the first salary
or entering our own house or maneuvering the streets with the newly bought car.

This conviction brought Shri Rangarajan to our Trust and He is now a part of the
Kainkaryashree team. Every day he comes and spends a lot of time teaching academics to
the children, especially the Gurukulam children. His patience and love for the children have
earned him a great name amongst the children. And, indeed ,a large place in the heart of
Periya Perumal!

It is the arrival and dedication of persons like Shri Rengarajan that has helped the Trust
function efficiently. What can a single person do all alone? Group effort is the key to
achieving great ends. Just as the little rain drops falling at different places join hands
to form the mighty river to ultimately reach the huge ocean, let us all join hands to
form a Kainkarya river that will ultimately take us to the Dark Blue Ocean called Sriman

The list of Kainkaryams that Periya Perumal has assigned us is there in the link
below. You just need to choose the kainkaryam that you are comfortable with and
fill in the check boxes. We request each of you to choose as many kainkaryams as
possible and help the society. Let us live by the saying “Paropakarartham idham
shareeram” – “ This body is solely designed to help others”.


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