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An enchanting experience - do you know Him?

Priya arangan adiyars,

Before a decade, a vidwan with great erudition in the sampradaya works, especially, the outpourings of the Azhwars, decided to travel with his entourage to the divine kshetram of Thiruvanantapuram where dwells the Lord reclining on the Aadisesha.

The purpose of his journey was to discourse upon the Bhakthi-soaked words of Sri Namazhwar on Lord Padmanabha. The swamy was discoursing on the entire Thiruvaimozhi and felt an urge to visit this divya-kshetram when the discourse had reached the second decade of the tenth centum (10-2). Notwithstanding his unfavourable age, he bent his steps to the temple-town and made his way into the temple. Drinking the beauty of every pillar and structure of the temple with his eyes, he finally entered the sanctum sanctorum and caught glimpse of the huge garden of lotus lying on the Serpent Bed through the three doors. Eyes seemed to have waited all these years to have finally achieved its objective. What is mortal beauty when compared to the divine vision of Lord Padmanabha.With joy overflowing from his heart, he proceeded.

Having sought the permission of the temple-authorities to perform the kalakshepam in the mantapam close to the sanctum sanctorum, he settled to begin the discourse with the followers rapt in attention.

The swamy went on to beautifully explain the state of mind of Azhwar when the Lord of Anantapuram appeared before Him .With the impending ascent to the Permanent abode of Lord SrimanNarayana, Namazhwar’s love for the Lord reaches great heights in this decade. He lauds the Glory of Lord in his worshippable form at Thiruvanantapuram. There are great sins that we have accumulated in various births and now, when our heart and body want to reach the holy city, we are met with roadblocks due to the sins. But not to worry, the Lord’s names are handy enough to dispel the sins of the chanters of these names and thus remove all the impediments in the way of their achieving the desired objective. Azhwar further says that the name of the Lord of Thiruvanantapuram shall itself extend unto us protection on all fronts. If only we get into that holy spot, sins shall not come near us, not only now but in all successive births.

Thus, discoursing on the Glory of the Lord as in the heart of Namazhwar, the Swamy picked up the following verses and explained it:

“ Pesumin koosam inri – periya nir………..poosanai seykinraargal punniyam seidhavare” (10-2-4)

            “Speak out, with no mental reserve,
             What indeed is the penance performed
              By those that worship, with the choicest flowers, 
The Lord, who delightfully dwells in Ananthapuram, well adorned by fields fertile and gardens full of fragrance sweet and surrounded by the oceanic water vast”.

Azhwar extols the sanctity of the souls that have been blessed with the greatest fortune to worship the Lord at Thiruvanantapuram. It is by-no-means surprising that the denizens of the Supreme Abode marked by spotless purity and overwhelming devotion to the Lord, worship him there, in that transcendent setting with punctilious care and devotion ( Azhwar refers to the Archakas thus). Having splendidly spoken on the glory Azhwar attributes to the Archakas of the temple, the Swamy went on to explain how the Lord reciprocated their Bhakthi by being only in their possession even when the Lord’s dearest Aadisesha in the form of Ramanujacharya wanted to do away with them.

All of a sudden, a group of people rushed into the mantapam where the kalakshepam was progressing. With eyes brimming in tears, they fell down and prostrated. The whole gathering was astounded including the swamy. Coming close to Him, they spoke feebly due to the overwhelming emotions that swept their hearts. They told they were aware of a Saint called Namazhwar who sang on Thiruvanantapuram and its presiding deity. But they never imagined Azhwar’s Bhakthi to be so deep. And never did they imagine Azhwar would glorify their kainkaryam to such a magnitude in the description of Thiruvanantapuram.

 They were the Archakas of the temple. They had listened to the discourse ( Tamizh) all the while and the words of Azhwar melted them. Notwithstanding the fact that the original speaker (Namazhwar) and the current speaker ( Upanyasakar) were of another Darshana, they expressed their gratitude for opening their eyes to the enormous glory attributed to the Archaka Kainkaryam.

Want to know who this Swamy is to whom the Lord of Thiruvanantapuram gave such an enchanting experience? Expect our next mail on that Swamy shortly.

Understanding the greatness and importance of Archaka kainkaryam, Srimaan Trust has been honouring the Archaka-kainkaryaparas every month under the “Sannidhi Vandanam” Scheme. The month of Purattasi witnesses the grandeur of the Lord of Seven Hills celebrating His birthday. Hence, His own sannidhi at Srirangam temple was chosen and the Archaka swamy honoured. The Swamy is a very devout Bhaktha and brims with zeal when performing the Kainkaryam. The children of SBK went to the Sannidhi ( in Manalveli) and honoured him.

The link below has the pictures :

Let the divine couples shower the divine blessings on you & all forever.

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