Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Celebration - 3

Priya Arangan Adiyar,

The Bhagavatha Purana as well as Periyazhvar Thirumozhi describe the sequence of events that unfolded once the news of Krishna's birth spread.  The Gopalas and Gopikas were overjoyed and beautifully decorated their village.  They invited scholars to sing benediction to baby Krishna.  They celebrated by singing and dancing.  They smeared turmeric powder on one another.  There is no event in the entire history of the world that has been celebrated with as much excitement and enthusiasm as the birth of Krishna.  Yashodha would bathe the baby and beautifully decorate him.  The people of the village would queue up to watch the beautiful baby Krishna with excitement.

This enthusiasm was very much in display in the Sri Jayanthi celebrations of Srimaan Gurukulam students.  They celebrated a detailed utsavam for His Sri Jayanthi.  They decorated Him in various alankarams and seated Him on various vahanams.  The streets of Srirangam bore the site of young children serving their emperuman with love.  The sight of the wonderful Lord and His consorts being served by enthusiastic young students is one to behold!

The celebrations for Sri Jayanthi in Srimaan Gurukulam started as early as the 29th of August.  After the initial rites of Ankurarpanam and Mruth Sangrahanam were performed, Raksha Bandhanam and Garuda Pratishta were done the next day.

On 31st, the students performed Dvajarohanam, which was followed by the procession of the Lord in Indra vimanam.  Thereafter, every evening, the Chitra Veethis witnessed the procession of the Lord on various vahanams until the Sri Jayanthi day.

The Lord graced His devotees on Surya Prabha, Sesha Vahanam, Garuda Vahanam, Hanumantha Vahanam, Garuda Vahanam, Gaja Vahanam and Asva Vahanam.

On 8th September, the SriJayanthi day, the students performed Theerthavaari and Navakalasa-snapanam followed by Rajachapparam Purappadu. The successive days witnessed Dvajavarohanam and Sapthavaranam, followed by Aalum Pallakku.

The specialty of the celebrations this year was that all processions took place in the Chitra Veethis.

The enthusiasm of the students and the devotees made this year's utsavams quite a memorable spiritual experience.

To catch some of it, look through these photos:

Yanai Vahanam and Nel alavu

Kudhirai Vahanam
Pushpa Pallakku

The level of involvement of the Gurukulam children in the utsava kainkaryam will be part of the next mail.

Let the divine couple shower their blessing forever on you and all.

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