Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Celebrations - 2

Srimate Ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyars,


In the previous mail, we saw how Lord Krishna captivated the minds and hearts of the world through His beautiful form, and His loveable exploits.  In addition to capturing the attention of all by His actions, He also uplifted us by destroying our ignorance.

The incarnation of Lord Krishna is described by Sri Parasara Bhagavan thus,

"thathOkhilajagat padmabOdhAya achyutha bhAnunA, dEvakI pUrvasandhyAyAm AvirbhUtham mahAthmanA"

As a lotus is blossomed by the rays of the Sun emerging from the horizon, the entire world was awakened and enlightened by Krishna who emerged from the Horizon of Devaki.  The Sun that we see everyday only dispels the darkness on the outside.  The inner darkness of ignorance is dispelled by Lord Krishna.  Azhvar says, "aRivinAl kuRaivillA agal jnAlaththavar aRiya neRi yellAm eduththuraiththa niRai jnAnaththoru mUrthi".  We know to worry about scarcity of food, drink and comforts.  However, we do not know to worry about the scarcity of true knowledge.  To such people like us, the Lord donned the role of an AchArya and taught us the good through the Bhagavad Gita.

In the Gita, Krishna showed that He alone is the purport of all the Vedas as in Vedaischa sarvaih ahamEva vEdhyah.  By saying aham, "I", He showed that one need not go searching hither, thither to find out who is the Lord of the Vedas.  It is our own Krishna, the Damodhara, who is praised by all scriptures.  

He, Himself, taught that He alone is the ultimate message of the Vedas and our only Saviour.He must be worshipped and celebrated with devotion.

The students of our gurukulam followed this message and celebrated His jayanthi . The wonderful photos are here. Please don’t miss the pictures.

Emperuman on garuda

Emperuman in Hanumantha vaahanam :

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