Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Celebrations - Final

Priya Arangan Adiyar, 

Importance of archa : 

In the work Acharya Hrudayam, Swami Azhagiya Manavalaperumal Nayannar describes the five states of Emperumaan being synonymous to the activities of a king. At Paramapadam, Emperumaan along with His divine consorts and nityasuris resides eternally at Parampadam like how a king attends his court with the queens and subjects. Emperumaan conducts  meetings with other devatas while resting at parkkadal like how a king holds meetings with his ministers. A king goes for hunting to suppress the wild animals and kill the wrong doers in the country. Similar to this, Emperumaan  takes vibhava avatharams and kills adharmikas and restores dharma. Next, Emperumaan resides in everyone and secretly observes our activities like how a  king will go in disguise to the people of his country. Finally, Emperumaan rejoices with his devotees through various utsavams similar to a king who organizes fairs and festivals to enjoy with his people. Of all these forms of  Emperumaan, the final form (archaavatharam) is the only form in which His devotees can reach Him very easily as a result of which archaavathaaram is considered very important in our Sampradayam.

Children’s involvement : A display of pure Bhakthi
The students at the Gurukulam have understood this importance of archaavathaaram very clearly. With a lot of commitment, they have recently performed Sri Jayanthi utsavam for their aradhana perumal. There are various procedures for aradhana listed in our sastras which are called as agamas. The Gurukulam students being trained in Pancharatra agama did  not want to restrict their knowledge just to learning. They went a step further to put it to practice and the result of which is this Sri Jayanti utsavam. Even for worldly subjects, academicians recommend that practical testing of knowledge is necessary. So it is needless to say that practical knowledge is essential for Vaidika kainkaryams. Their utsavam was indeed a very grand one. Emperumaan enjoyed the nectar-like sukthis of Azhwars along with Veda parayanam. Irrespective of the age difference, all the students involved themselves in the kainkaryam and performed their part wonderfully like how even a squirrel joined the army of monkeys in building the bridge to Lanka. 

One of the students said that Emperumaan has benevolently shown up Himself in an easily accessible form and went on further to say that it’s therefore their duty to perform utsavams for Him. He also added that it is a great opportunity for him to take part in such utsavams and wanted to perform similar kainkaryam in divya desams later in his life. Another student said that the agamas they have learnt and the motivation of their teacher has inspired them to perform such a grand utsavam for their Emperumaan. He also expressed his enthusiasm to perform such utsavams at Gurukulam in the near future. These students used to perform such utsavams and decorating their Emperumaan is their favorite hobby. This year’s Sri Jayanti utsavam served as a good chance for fulfilling their interests.

Preparing for vital kainkaryam :

Most of us find it hard to sleep an hour less a day. Our eyes start drooping and we complain of dark circles around the eyes. These children had been sleeping sparingly during the days of utsavam. Elaborate preparation on the Aagama front and exquisite design of every vaahanam with creativity and attention to detail did entail a lot of efforts. The utsavam was nothing but a display of the immense love the children have for their Emperuman. If such children come for Kainkaryam in diva-desams tomorrow, how happily would Emperuman enjoy their service! Especially divya-desams that are devoid of kainkaryaparas. Preparing children for such kainkaryam is our aim.

In this mundane world full of routine activities, it is very heartening to see a group of young minds talking about the importance of kainkaryam and the involvement in doing it. We wish that the students are able to perform more and more utsavams and glorify streets of Srirangam as they did during this Sri Jayanti utsavam.

Please check the videos in the below link:

Sri Jayanthi Utsavam

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Let the divine couple shower their blessing forever on you and all.

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