Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Keeping good company

Priya Arangan Adiyar, 

One of the recommendations of our elders for leading a noble life is to associate  with the devotees of the Lord.  Associations in todays’ world are increasingly becoming difficult to come by.  By citing several excuses  people tend to drift away from one another.  They begin to lead secluded and empty lives.  We come across many people who are in conflict with their surroundings or feel isolated and depressed.  If such is the difficulty of any random association, it becomes all the more difficult to create useful and spiritually uplifting associations.

This chaos is a result of giving up on the fundamentals of our culture, and drifting away without clarity into the world of the unknown.  Some associations that seem to appear good, land us in trouble.  A complete social awakening towards morality and sharing of good thoughts must come by.

Small drops make a vast ocean, and the journey from our homes to Srirangam or Thirumala starts with a single step.

One step taken by Srimaan Trust to help people reconnect to their culture, in order to let them realize and harvest its goodness is Srimaan Satsangam.  These “good-associations” are a part of Srimaan Trust’s every month routine.

The  last Satsangam was conducted at Vignesh Arunodaya Apartments in Melur Road, in which families of the 150 flats of the premise took part.  The Gurukulam Perumal was escorted to the premises.  Thiruvaradhanam was performed to
 Him and He was decorated in Nacchiyar Thirukkolam.

Srimaan Gurukulam Agama students performed Maha Archanai as it is done in the temple.  Divya Prabandham hymns were chanted and the prasadam was distributed. Archanai was performed for around 200 people from the flats.

The spiritual mood and the enthusiasm of the children as well as the other participants were palpable in the air. Clearly, the students of Srimaan Gurukulam not only receive traditional education, but also give back to the society by making as much a positive impact as possible in the lives of others.

And, together we can do more. Now we can enjoy viewing the photos: 
Let the divine couple shower their blessing forever on you and all.

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