Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One to be consulted

Priya Arangan Adiyar,
The Parashara Vishishta Parama Dharma Sashtram echoes thus : 

अधीत्य मन्त्रमाचार्यं पूजयेचक्तितो द्विज:
आचार्य अधीन वृत्तिस्तु यावत जीवनं सदा शुचि:

“Learning the mantra from the Acharyan, one should always be at the feet of the Acharyan, submitting one’s actions to the order of the Acharyan” . This has been the prescription of the Scriptures for each one of us.

Great benefits are obtained at the place where the people respect their acharyas. Every shudha karyam at our house should take place at the behest of our Acharyan.Actually,the Karyam becomes shubham by His Presence. An Acharyan is to be considered the head of the family and He is to be consulted while making important decisions in life. Only then will we tread in the best available path. His Grace and wisdom will carry us through the ups and downs of life.

It is indeed a great fortune to take part in the proceedings where Acharyas are honoured.  Our Trust was recently blessed with this fortune on the occasion of Svami Koil Kandadai Annan's Thirunakshatram -  Kanni Purattaadhi.

Svami Koil Kandadai Annan is one of the foremost disciples of Svami Manavala Mamunikal and also one of the foremost devotees serving Lord Periya Perumal.  The students of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham took part in the Thirunakshatra celebrations of this great acharya by exhibiting their regard through the current Koil Annan Svami, Sri U.Ve. Koil Kandadai Annan
Thiruvengadachariar Svami.

The students went to Svami's thirumaligai to honour him under the “Acharya Vandanam” scheme of the trust.  Svami was very pleased to see the devotion and regard of the students towards Svami Koil Kandadai Annan and him and blessed them.

The photos of Acharya Vandanam can be viewed here:

Let the divine couple shower their blessing forever on you and all.

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