Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Grand beginning.

Priya arangan adiyar,

Vijayadasami is an important festival celebrated by people across the whole country. Some consider it as the day on which Sri Rama killed Ravana at Lanka and rescued Sita Devi. It is also believed that Pandavas completed their agyathavasam (living in disguise) on this day and gathered their weapons and came out of their hideout. At Srirangam and many other divya desams, on Vijayadasami day, Emprumaan would ride on the kuthirai vahanam and would shoot arrows at Vannimaram to signify his victory over adharmikas in order to save the dharmikas. Generally, this day is considered to be auspicious for beginning new studies/activities. Even for Acharyah, this year’s Vijayadasami has been a memorable milestone during which the new campus of Acharyah school at Melur road was inaugurated.

The function started with Sudarsana homam at the new premises which was performed by none other than the Gurukulam students. The Gurukulam students were very enthusiastic in making the arrangements for the function. It was inspiring to see young children executing tasks which are complex even to elders. After the Purnahuti and Goshti Sattrumarai, new kids were admitted in Acharyah and once again Gurukulam students performed the aksharabhyasam for them. Following this, parent-teacher meeting session was held.

The teachers and volunteers at Acharyah then elaborated about the way in which the syllabus is prepared for the kids at Acharyah. It is not like writing an essay/article, but it involves a lot of research for making an authentic study material which is also graspable by the kids. Indeed, so much importance is given for preparing the syllabus because Acharyah is not a school where the children are forced to learn their subjects. It is a school where kids love to come. At the same time, their knowledge and curiosity for learning is so tremendous. The beauty of Acharyah is that it blends the Montessori system of education with the esteemed spiritual knowledge which aids in overall development of the child. It is not an exaggeration if we say that the kids at Acharyah have good realization of what they learn. Once, each child at Acharyah was given a fruit and was asked eat it without anyone’s knowledge. One of the kids immediately retorted that it was impossible to do that since Emperumaan is omnipresent and one cannot eat without His knowledge.

Later, one of the parents shared his experience about Acharyah wherein he mentioned that he had put his wards even in the so-called best schools of the city; even then, he wasn’t satisfied with the quality of education he was providing them. In his search for an esteemed institute for his kids, he had come to Acharyah and he extremely satisfied with his decision.

Finally, our Founder Swami shared a few words with the parents of Acharyah. In his speech, he made an appeal to the parents to volunteer for the betterment of Acharyah. Following this, the textbook and workbook were distributed to all the kids. With a humble beginning in 2009, Acharyah has come upto what it is now. This occasion is really a milestone in the growth of Acharyah. Let us pray to the Divine couple for more and more such milestones in future.

The beautiful photos of the function are here :


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