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Boarding the train...

Priya arangan adiyar,

“The more choices we have, the greater the need for focus” wrote an author. The need for focus is something very important if we wish to lead a full life. One might ask why at all focus? The concept of focus comes into play only when we have a goal to achieve. For most of us, goals come and disappear in short spans. It is because most of us have goals that are like bubbles, too short lived. They come, disappear, all within a blink. Our goals are also disjointed. They are compartmentalized. Like, at school, we need to top in class. That becomes a compartment. Our thoughts don’t hover above that. Once out of that compartment, we get into another altogether different compartment and dwell within its steel doors with no thought on what next. But is our life not whole? From birth till death it the same life that we live. We carry the same name and the same figure (giving in to the ravages of time, of course). How then do we keep goals that are so short lived and disjointed? When we are positive (most of us are) that we are going to live a complete life, should we not keep the end of our path in mind before determining the ways to tread. When we plan for a trip to Dwaraka, it is Dwaraka that will determine the train we board. What would we call a person who catches Howrah Express (which goes to Kolkata) when his destination is Dwaraka?

Most of us fumble because we do not know the destination. This category of people can be understood. Succumbing to the options life has thrown on them, they hang on to what they get and stay satisfied. But what about people who have know spiritual living is true living. What about people who have definitely seen through the shallowness of this material world. Sadly, such people among us live exactly the same life as the other category. The knowledge or realization that has dawned upon them is crystallized as knowledge without turning into action. A realization that merely is in the form of vapour.

But there are some people who have realized not only the true destination but gone out of the way to catch the correct train that leads to the desired destination. One such personality is Shri U.Ve.Bharathan Swamy of Thirukkoshtiyur, now residing at Srirangam.

Born into a pious family with a traditional background, Swamy’s parents were completely into a loukeeka way of life. He too was soaked in material comforts from childhood. An occasional visit to the temple was all that happened in the spiritual arena. But during his high school days, a limited exposure to the works of our Acharyas installed the sampradaya thought in him. Post school education, he took up Professional course in the field of commerce and at the same time his love for carnatic vocal and instrumental music made him take music seriously. He learnt music under great veterans in the field. But the sampradaya thought sown in his mind grew into a veritable tree of thirst, the thirst for true life beyond the illusion created by the money and material enveloped world. He understood what was there at the end of this path. And he understood which train would take him there.

And he caught that train. Learning sampradaya texts and living the ways prescribed under the sastric texts. This meant leaving a lucrative career that was to come. This also meant giving up the passionate music as a prospective means of livelihood.

Swamy straight went to the Sanskrit college, Mylapore, Chennai and enrolled for Shironmani course in Meemamsa sastra. Side by side he also mastered Nyaya sastra and learnt the intricacies of Saahitya. Out of the college in flying colours, he denied well paid jobs in colleges across states and opted to study Sribashya of Sri Ramanujacharaya under the feet of Vidwath Shiromani Shri U.Ve. Nrisimhachariar swamy of Srirangam.

And today he lives a pious life immersing himself in more Granthams of our Poorvacharyas and exchanging knowledge with Bhagavathas day in and day out. He is one of the few vidwans today having a deep understanding of Sanskrit texts and a deep wish to propagate sampradayam to the masses. He has also written Sankrit translations Thiruppavai and its meaning. In addition, his deep knowledge of Music can go on to impress a lot of people and draw them to sampradayam.

A youngster with such a vision is rare to find. He is a definite inspiration for all of us not knowing our destination and also to those who know the destination but find it difficult to board the right vehicle. This swamy was recently honoured under the Vidwath Vandanam scheme of Srimaan Trust. The children of SBK swarmed around Him and listened to his wisdom drenched words and honoured him.

The photos of the vidwath vandanam is here in this link :

Let the divine couple shower their divine blessings on you and all forever.

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