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Divine Donor from the donor's clan.

Priya arangan adiyar,

Sri Mudaliyandan Swami was one of the prime sishyas of Swami Ramanuja. Sri Ramanuja considered him as his Tridhandam which is inseparable from a Srivashnava sanyasi. Koorathazhwan and Mudaliyandan were equally bosom to Sri Ramanuja. When Ramanujacharya entered sanyasam, he took the oath that he had relinquished everything except Sri Mudaliyandan. When others enquired about it, Sri Ramanuja explained that only if he could refrain from wearing Tridhandam, would he relinquish Mudaliyandan. Such was Swamy Ramanujacharya’s attachment to Sri Mudaliaandan.

During Sri Ramanuja’s stay at Melkote, a village (Salagrama) was found to have only avaidikas who were against the Vedic culture. SriRamanuja made Sri Mudaliyandan dip his feet in the lake which was the main supply of water for all the villagers. The people consumed the water (Sripadha Theertham) and at that very instant a transformation happened in them and they all came and prostrated before Ramanujacharya and adopted his dharshan.

Even Sri Koorathazhvan once made a comment with sorrow that even though he had been blessed with by Sri Ramanuja in all respects, he missed the blood relationship with Sri Ramanuja which Sri Mudaliyandan had.

Sri Mudaliyandan’s athma gunas cannot be explained in full and only could be sensed through the life history of Sri Ramanuja and his disciples.

The vartamana Mudaliaandan ­­­­­­­­­Swami born in the lineage of Sri Mudaliyandan is filled with athma gunas as a legacy from Sri mudaliyandan. The swami visited our Gurukulam sometime back and witnessed the utsavam of the children for their deity Sri Kasthuri Renga perumal. The swami was much impressed in seeing the student’s total involvement and volunteered to arrange for vahanas to be used in uthsavams. He didn’t allow any delay in ordering for the vahanas, collecting them and delivering them to the students. Such is the steadfastness of Swamy in conducting the affairs of Sampradaya which is a hallmark of His kula kootasthar.

The students were very greatful and happy for his compliment and the interest he took in the utsavam conducted by them. Let us all pray for the well being of Swamy and the continuity of the kainkaryams He has undertaken.

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