Thursday, November 15, 2012

Incident of the divine manifestation.

Priya arangan adiyar,

Our Sanathana Dharma strongly believes in eradicating inner as well as outer imperfections by destroying undesirable elements and enriching positive energies in the environment. To attain the goal of energizing and protecting the inner self and environment, our sanathana dharma has given a significant place to homam.

Homams are powerful ancient fire rituals that have been performed in India by the Vedic sages for ages. The Supreme Lord Sri Krishna, in Bhagavad Gita quotes, "This creation is a yagna". Yagna also means sacrifice and by this He meant that creation is an eternal flow of birth and death. It is a sacrifice where one’s death gives way for the birth of another, continuously, something gets sacrificed for something to arise. This is one way the Vedas interpret the creation and in the purview of the Vedas, the homam is but a miniature model of this Universal Sacrifice.

As a sadhaka participates with all his heart and as various offerings like molten butter, herbs, sticks of certain trees are offered into the sacrificial fire along with the powerful chanting of mantras, the energy generated enables the sadhaka to tune into The Supreme Being whereby his prayers are answered. Further, the presence of fire has an immediate bearing on the Sadhaka’s Kundalini and the energy fields of that place which makes prayer all the more easier.

Conducting a homam brings more values to the family. Different scientific experiments have already proven that homams destroy harmful bacteria in the environment.

The Srivaishnava clan does not perform any act which has a specific selfish end. This sampradayam only prays for the well being of the Supreme Soul. Why should a mother be requested to lend her child what it wants? She knows it herself and will give the child what it needs at the appropriate time. That is how our Emperuman is. Who better knows what we need when than Him? Hence, though there are a number of Homams which have a direct Vedic sanction, we abstain from performing them in the fear that our Swaroopam will get seriously mutilated (i.e. the state of Being for Him and expecting only Him).

But even in this subtly thoughtful sampradayam, a lot of importance is given to one Homam. The reason is that the prayer to the deity of the Homam can bestow one with everything material and also health so that the recipient can use them for Sampradaya purposes. When the end is pure, the means becomes untainted. And this Homam is the all-powerful Sudharshana Homam. This homam is generally performed to accomplish any task successfully and also for prosperity. Other benefits include removal of negative energies, healing of the body and mind. This is a very powerful and  anyone aspiring for overall growth and success can opt for this homam. The yantra used in the homam has the power to dispel all negative thoughts and attract positive thoughts essential for success.

Sudharshana is the personification of the Discus held by Lord Vishnu. Lord Sudharshana is the chief deity of this powerful Homam who uses his mighty weapon “Chakra” to grant immediate relief to the sufferings of his devotees. Also, the  sins are abolished by his grace. 

With a view to protect and bring prosperity to all the kainkaryaparas, donors of our Trust and children, Srimaan Trust conducted Sri Sudharshana Homam at the newly rented premises of Acharyah. The Homam was conducted by our own Gurukulam children all alone even in the absence Sri Raman Bhattachariar swamy. The Gurukulam children displayed extreme devotion and care during the Homam. The Agni in the Homam grew in stature with every recitation of the powerful Sudharshana Bheeja mantram. When the last portion of the Homam was nearing the end, some people expected Lord Sudharshana or Lord Narasimha to show up in the Agni. But they didn’t show up. It was another who showed up.

Lord Krishna. With a beautiful peacock feather in His hair and beautiful arms holding a long flute with two hands and one holding the Discus and Conch, Sri Baala Krishna appeared in the Homam. The gathering was completely astounded. The children’s excitement knew ho bounds.

Later, we asked Sri Raman Bhattachariar swamy the significance of deities appearing in Homams. Swamy explained that the seven tongues of the Agni (saptha jihva) would join hands and turn into the deity being propitiated, provided, the Homam is performed without flaws. When we asked him why should Lord Krishna appear in a Sudharshana Homam, he replied that the very Sudharshana mantram used during the Homam contains Krishna, Govinda, Gopijana Vallabha, etc. describing Krishna himself. The Sudharshana in the hands of SriKrishna is generally invited in the Homam. But the shraddha and care of the children brought the holder of the Sudharshana itself in the Homam. Baala Krishna for the Baala Pandithas.

What can we say on the children? We have no words. You too wouldn’t have any. We all can only pray for their bright future in kainkaryam. Click the below link for the photos:

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