Monday, November 26, 2012

Kainkaryam – An invaluable treasure!!

Priya arangan adiyar !

Andal, an Avathara of Bhoma Devi, was born among us with a sole intention to share the teachings of Varaha Perumal to Bhoma Devi in Krutha Yuga. The entire upadesam made by Varaha Perumal to Bhoomi Devi was shared with us by Andal through Thiruppavai and Nachiyar Thirumozhi. Though Thiruppavai is a small prabandham, it contains crux of Vedas in a lucid form. In Thiruppavai, Andal calls ‘Govinda’ three times in last three paasuram from the penultimate one. In these three paasuram Andal asks Krishna to give the opportunity to eternally serve Him. Such a selfless service to Namperumal is nothing but Kainkaryam.

Out of all forms of Kainkaryam, KAyika Kainkaryam (Physical performance of Kainkaryam) is the most special and significant form. This is shown by Andal in 5th Paasuram of Thiruppavai – ‘thumalar thuvithozhudu (offering flowers), vayinAl pAdi (singing in praise of Krishna), manathinAl sindithu (meditating about Krishna)’. In the order of priority, Andal places kAyika kainkaryam in first over vAchika (Kainkaryam through words) and mAnasika kainkaryams (Kainkaryam through mind). So which is the best form of kainkaryam? This need not be debated now since it was already concluded by the Sriman Bhattar Kuzham students in the debate conducted on occasion of Centenary celebration of paternal uncle of the present day MudhaliAndAn Swami in Melkottai. Though six months has passed since the Melkottai trip, the essence of the debate was not only remembered but was also practiced by Sriman Trust students and Volunteers.

Sriman Bhattar Gurukulam children and volunteers of the trust had taken part in cleaning UlAndal Sannidhi in Srirangam last Sunday. Each one of us would also like to clean and maintain Sannidhis right? The reason being, while cleaning Sannidhis, we not only clean the abode of EmperumAn, but we also get into the contact of the dusts that adorn the devotees’ feet who had visited the Sannidhi. Such a Kainkarayam would have truly delighted Andal. Sriman Bhattar Kuzham, Gurukulam, Trust and volunteers possess kainkaryam as a priceless wealth and often engage in it. By the grace of the Divine Couple, let the wealth grow boundlessly!!!

The photos of this wonderful kainkaryam are hereunder :


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