Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kalpalateva vidya....

Srimate Ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

Knowledge is a celebrated virtue which gives shape to one’s personality. One may possess a lot of wealth or fame; still it might happen that he may not be genuinely respected by the people. Even in our lives, there are some occasions where we are forced to give respect to someone under various circumstances. But only when the person is knowledgeable will we feel like respecting him/her. There is a verse in Sanskrit which also mentions the same. According to this verse, a foolish person is honoured within his own family, a headman is honoured within his village, and a king is honoured within his country. But a learned scholar is honoured everywhere.

Moreover, all material riches can fade away over time as a matter of fact, in this universe. A wealthy man might end up being a pauper struggling to gather food for his survival! A person might look beautiful in the teens, but with age, all that beauty destroys. But never is a scholar robbed away of his knowledge. That is why knowledge is regarded as a treasure greater than other worldly wealth. So it is our duty that we honour scholars and seek them to impart their knowledge treasure to us.

In the usual practice of honouring scholars through Vidwathvandhanam, Srimaan trust got the opportunity to honour Puthur Sri U.Ve. Raghuraman (Balaji) Swamy. He has learnt under the guidance of stalwarts such as Sudharsnar Sri. U.Ve. Krishnaswamy Iyengar, Sri. U.Ve. Gomadam Sampath swamy, Koil Vidwan Sri. U.Ve. Narasimhachariyar swamy, etc. He is well versed in both Tamil and Sanskrit  literature and is engaged in many kainkaryams relating to grantha paripalanam (protecting and publishing purvacharya granthas). He is a sanskrit teacher by profession. He has started a monthly magazine named "Srisailesa dayapatram" and this magazine is full of valuable texts (vyAkyAnams, etc). He has also already published Amalan Adhipiran vyakhyAnams, Arulicheyal rahasyam, Thirumazhisai Annavappangar swamy's granthas, etc to name a few. It has been a pleasure for the Trust to honour a Vidwan of this caliber. The children of SBK were very happy to have honoured swamy and imbibed the enthusiasm that is very characteristic of him.  

For the photos of the vidwath vandanam, please see the link below :

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