Monday, November 12, 2012

Spiritual levitation

Priya arangan adiyar,

In Chapter 2, Shloka (Verse) 7, Arjuna asks, "My soul is oppressed by a sense of frustration. My mind is unable to determine what is right. I am requesting you to tell me definitely what is for my good. I am your pupil. Teach me. I have surrendered myself to you."

However, Lord Krishna does partially answer Arjuna in Chapter 11, Shloks (verses) 53-55 after exhibiting His cosmic form, "It is not possible to see me as you have done through the study of the Vedas or by austerities or gifts or by sacrifice; it is only by one-pointed devotion (Bhakti) to me and me alone that you thus see and know me as I am in reality and ultimately reach me. It is he alone who dedicates all his notions and actions to me with a knowledge of my superiority, my devotee with no attachment and who has no enmity to any living being that can reach me". Bhakti therefore, is the only way to the true knowledge of God and the surest way to reach Him.          

It is the result of this Bhakti in previous births’ that little Aravind has been blessed with such learning power in such a young age. Having received the basics of magic from his father Ramanujam and the qualities of dedication from his mother Srividhya ,Aravind Srikanth is into performing magic at a young age of 10. Into his 5th Standard, Aravind Srikanth has earned laurels since his young age. Newspapers across have captured his ongoing feats. 

The root for such a captivating learning surfaces from his spiritual orientation by his parents, who committedly inculcated these learnings into him from a very young age. His deep interest in spiritual learnings’ have also elevated his learning to recollect the names of the deities of all divya-desams just my a mere mention of the divya desams name. His spiritual learnings has opened up way to to his compassionate self too. In the recent month of August 2012, Aravind Srikanth rode blind-folded on a bicycle to create awareness against the use of plastic by all.

Aravind Srikanth had recently visited the gurukulam. He performed a magic show for the students of our gurukulam. The students of our gurukulam got an opportunity to watch the show and got a sneak peak into the efforts of spiritual learning, dedication and compassion of another student of their age.

Please look at the pictures here :

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