Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The big old banyan tree

Priya Arangan Adiyar,

There is a big old banyan tree.  It is loved by many.  A small child comes about swinging in its roots. The elderly take shelter from the heat.  Some people hold meetings under it.  There are many birds living in the tree.  They live with their small ones and nests;  so do the squirrels.  A wide variety of life forms benefit from the banyan tree and live in harmony with one another.  Several ups and downs are shared by all the 'refugees' of the banyan tree.

This big old banyan tree is our Srivaishnava tradition that has come down from times immemorial and treasured and protected by great saints and acharyas.  We all live under its shade obtaining spiritual benefit from it.  There are no aliens to this tradition.  Everyone can relish the goodness in their own way. 

Srimaan Trust aims at creating the opportunity for more people to enjoy this shade.  It is difficult to obtain the life of a human being.  It is difficult still to be a spiritually inclined person who is interested in Bhagavad Vishayam.  Everyone must benefit from the monumental good that we can happily inherit from our acharyas. They have accumulated a huge spiritual wealth for all of us to relish with no special effort.

Those who are under the shade must also carry the experience to the rest of the world.  That is where volunteers come into the picture.  By the merciful grace of Namperumal and Nacchiyar, Srimaan Trust is blessed with a small group of volunteers who serve with great dedication.  A good number of them are youngsters and children, whose enthusiasm drives the goals of the Trust.  They are still pursuing their education.  Unfortunately, the current power situation in Tamil Nadu is not completely conducive to their educational progress.

There are many inhabitants of the big banyan tree.  When someone faces a trouble, the others come to help.  We are fortunate to have some very good souls amidst us, who are always willing to help.  Two emergency lamps were donated by them.  Sriman Senthamarai Kannan, who had earlier given his house (for free) to be used as the erstwhile Gurukulam premises, presented the two emergency lamps to the volunteer students Krithika and Swetha, both of whom are pursuing CA.  They are extremely devoted volunteers and so are their parents.

The Srimaan Gurukulam students need at least eight more emergency lamps.   You have a chance to touch their lives and provide light to their education and aid their progress. We encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss this.  
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