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The subtle demarcation.

Priya arangan adiyar,

A person of deep spiritual learning can be described in short as “Complete”. The state of being complete is each man’s private perspective and attainment. The person who lives solely for material benefit would never reach satisfaction. At every point in life, the lack of something material in his possession would haunt him and rob him of his inner peace. It is natural that such a thing happens since every man cannot possess every material object in this world. Thus the seeker of worldly pleasure cannot see himself as complete lest we see him as complete. But a man in the path of spirituality finds this amusing. He has param vidya (spiritual knowledge) in his possession. The inspiration from param vidya charges him to fare successfully through the straits of joy and happiness in life. He effortlessly detaches himself from the forces of attachment, hatred, jealousy, ego, greed and anger. The only attachment he has is with the Supreme persona which is a permanent unbreakable attachment. Thus he becomes complete from his own perspective, whether or not from the third man’s perspective.

Vidwan, a person of spiritual learning, is one who has gone through the rigors of dwelling in a gurukulam where lofty ideals are intrenched in his heart. He learns a lot on how to lead life and more importantly how not to. These principles go so deep into his heart that even if his guru wishes him to transgress them, he would politely abstain. It is a state where no external force needs to drive him to be pure and exhibit good morals. His own self reaches an exalted level. This is what modern education should thrive to achieve.

The son of Brihaspathi, Kachchha desired to learn the ‘Sanjivani vidya‘ (power to resurrect a dead man) and for this he approached the rival guru Shukracharaya. The guru accepted him. During the years of learning, the daughter of Shukracharya fell in love with Kachchha and was smitten by his innate charm. She proposed him but he politely refused stating that she was his guru’s daughter and hence a sister to all the students. But she was so overwhelmed with love that she turned a deaf ear to Kachchha and pressed his to marry her. He again refused and not for a second think of sacrificing his character to please her. The girl rushed to her father’s aid. The Acharya, with sympathy in his heart for her, summoned Kachchha and insisted him to accept her hand in marriage ignoring his duty. Kachhcha stood where he was and never obliged. The guru, enraged by this disobedience threatened him that he (Kachchha) would forget the Sanjivani vidya. But still kachchha remained undeterred . He politely replied “Acharya, I would rather relinquish my Sanjivani vidya than be a stain on the very order of discipleship” and left the gurukul forgetting the Sanjivani vidya but adding a permanent feather to the tradition of discipleship.

It is such people who show the fine demarcation between the right deed and the wrong one when paths go intertwined.  
Shri R. Anantha Narasimachariar swamy (Vaikuntavasi) was one such persona who learnt Sampradayam by rigorous training under Acharyas and also learnt the loukeeka ropes with elan.

He was the former principal of Seshasayee Institute of Technology (SIT) and a Sanskrit scholar par excellence. His visionary leadership inspired many to turn into successful entrepreneurs and set a path for many others in life. 

Anantha Narasimachariar swamy joined SIT as a lecturer in civil engineering department in 1955, and became its head in 1958, before taking over as vice-principal of the institution in 1964. He became the principal in 1974 and remained in the post till retirement in 1991. 

Proficient in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, English and Sanskrit, Anantha Narasimachariar swamy inspired students with his down-to-earth demeanour. He was instrumental in getting the Diploma in Paper Technology programme started at SIT for the first time in South India during 1983-84, with support from Seshasayee Paper Board. 

Several alumnae occupying top positions in the paper industry, government service and entrepreneurs in the construction and manufacturing sectors attribute their success to his inspiring leadership. Anantha Narasimachariar swamy led major initiatives that accorded a thrust to polytechnic education in Tamil Nadu.

Swamy was an authority in the Vishistadvaita Siddhanta. He provided lucid explanations to the various works of our Acharyas particularly Sri Ramanujacharay and Sri Vedanta Desika through Audio Cassettes under the auspices of Srimad Andavan of Poundarikapuram Asramam. His last work was on "Yathiraja Saptadi"in a set of 7 Cassettes.

Srimaan Trust wished to honour the veteran during His days in this Bhoomi. But it couldn’t materialize. Now, Swamy was honoured under the “Vidwath Vandanam” Scheme of the SBK. His daughter received the honours.
The photo of swamy and the honour done to him are hereunder:

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