Sunday, November 4, 2012

To give is to be.

Priya arangan adiyar,

The methods of the Lord are inscrutable.  On one hand, the expected fails to occur and on the other hand, some unexpected good comes seeking.  The bottom-line of all the actions of the Lord are aimed ultimately at the redemption of the souls.  We have nothing but His grace for our well being.

Therefore, it is a matter of great joy when people take a favourable outlook on tradition and seek to learn about Him.  What can be greater than young people exhibiting excitement to know about Him and serve Him.

Six months ago, Srimaan Bhattar Kuzhaam had a new child in its midst.  The child is very devoted to the Lord and displays great enthusiasm and interest in learning.However, the family that the child hails from is very poor.They struggle hard every day to make both ends meet.

Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham has conceptualized that it is important to cater to the spiritual needs of the people.  At the same time, we cannot be found wanting in help and compassion for those in difficulty.  It is  for this purpose that the programme of "anuyagam" is being pursued, where people in need are supplied with food provisions.

This month, SBK decided it best to help the parents of the devoted child who were in want, and provisions were given to them.  The photos can be seen at :

While in the world outside we are taught to ask "What is in it for me?", the children at SBK have learned to ask themselves, "What good can I do to others?"  Shall we join them?

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