Saturday, December 8, 2012

The gift of faculty

Priya arangan adiyar,
The ability of reasoning is a special gift bestowed to the humans which makes the birth as a human very valuable. All other beings on this world are just able to sustain themselves and indulging in activities required for the same. They gather food, store it for future, find a shelter to stay etc. But they do not seem to perform anything beyond these routine activities. As humans in today’s world, our lives begin with the childhood days where we are sent to school to learn various subjects. We even specialize ourselves in particular stream after our schooling. When we are sure of having acquired sufficient skills, we search for a good employment to sustain ourselves in this world. Indeed from that instance, our life proceeds in a manner very similar to other creatures on the world. Then where are we striking a difference between them? How do we justify that a human birth is valuable?

As mentioned earlier, the power of reasoning is a great attribute in humans. It is indeed a gift because we can analyze the purpose of our birth and understand our swaroopam of being subservient to Emperumaan and His devotees. This realization results in getting immersed in kainkaryam and thereby making our life purposeful. While there are lot of people who are striving hard to attain this realization, there are some are some who have already reached that state. Those are the people who are venerated by everyone as “Vidwan”. A Vidwan is indeed not someone who has knowledge (Jnana); it is rather someone who puts that knowledge to practice (Anushtana). One such a person has been recently honoured under Vidwathvandhanam.

Sri U.Ve Srinivasacharyulu Swamy, who is also the father of one of the students in Gurukulam paid a visit to Srirangam recently. He is rendering kainkaryam at the temple in Dwaraka Thirumalai, a place in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. He performs the parayanam of Sri Ramayanam regularly. He also gives spiritual lectures and discourses at that temple. Even during his visit, he recited the verses of Sri Ramayanam both at Srirangam temple and Gurukulam. We might know that Sri Ramayanam is just the incarnation of the Vedas. So it is very nice to perform Sri Ramayana parayanam everyday. When we perform such parayanam, we also motivate others around us to practice that anushtana. In that way, Srinivasacharyulu Swamy has motivated everyone in knowing more about Sri Ramayanam and performing parayanam regularly. It is indeed true that Sri Ramayanam will spread across all worlds as long as mountains and rivers exist on this earth.

The children of the Gurukulam are now learning every aspect of pious living from the Acharyas and Vidwans who visit the Gurukulam every time. It is indeed an opportunity bestowed upon them by the Divine Couple.

The excellent photos of the Vandanam is here in this link :

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