Sunday, December 23, 2012

The ship & its course

Priya arangan adiyar,

 A quote on education runs thus, “The purpose of education is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate the deserts.”   Modern education is a challenge for humankind – an indispensable part of living yet inadequate and wont of supplements.

It is important for us to watch carefully the direction that modern education drifts to.  There was a time when education involved understanding the truths of the world and their relevance to our lives.  As the world takes the aid of materialistic consumerism as its mechanism for survival, its impact on education is already evident.  There is a tremendous urge to see people coming out of the education system well-equipped with the arts of the trade on whose tides the world rides.
While it seems an innocent, even justified expectation, the results can be disastrous if left unchecked.  The direction of flow is flawed.  The correct flow of thought must be based on fundamental morals and ethics that guide our minds in the right directions. The application of education must be based on genuine need. Once set on the right course for the right destination, the mind equips itself with the fuel needed for its exploration.
A ship however meticulously built and championed by the best of sailors is sure to run into trouble if it is not headed towards the right course or if it seeks to serve the wrong purpose.  For all our advancements and successes, we must not end up directing all our honed faculties to achieve the wrong result.
Education must serve to de-mystify and delight the mind; not confound it.  Taking a worldly view, it must elevate us to a more purposeful existence. 
The above observations on education are out of sheer concern.  What good are we to generate well equipped miscreants out of our system?
It is unambiguous from the state of current affairs that education with values and purpose must be promoted and pupils who are set on such a course sustained to serve as worthy examples of life as humans.
Srimaan Trust extended its helping hand under the umbrella of Vidya Sahayam – to help the cause of education – towards two financially-challenged girl students who count among the most dedicated devotees and kainkaryaparas. The Trust is making its humble efforts in lighting up the lives of many such deserving children. Lighting the life of a child will go on to educate a whole family and extend the benefits for generations to come.
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