Friday, December 14, 2012

Unfolding before you this Margazhi.

"Thondin aaradhanai"
( A drop of gratitude)

Priya arangan adiyar,

A girl child; Revered in the entire South India and many parts of North India. The child stands as the sole successor of “ Panchopa laksha mkudi” ( 5 lakh Gokulamfamilies). The child also stands as the sole successor of the clan of the ten members constituting the “ Anjukindrakudi” ( Azhwars). The child whose simple words stayed entrenched in the hearts of all the Acharyas and made entry into every discourse and writing of theirs.The child who has also secured a whole month exclusively for the celebration of her outpourings.

Andal, the child saint of the South has no parallel in the Indian tradition. Composed in simple Tamizh that can be mastered by children even before they learn to utter the names of their family members ,Thiruppavai, her most celebrated work has secured such a high place in the spiritual tradition that even the gigantic Vedic texts seem relegated to lower positions. This, Sri Godadevi achieved by the sheer strength of unparalleled love for Emperuman and clarity of thought and purpose. The entire society has lapped up Thiruppavai and has made efforts to imbibe the import of the text. Come the month of Margazhi, every person irrespective of their caste finds themselves in a spiritually exalted state. To quote an example, people of the fishermen community (both men and women)and people living in the slums, who are exempt from following the traditional practices of aacharam or doutham, get up in the brahma muhoortham , bathe ( including hair bath everyday) and head to the nearby Sannidhi of Perumal during DhanurMasam. Only after the Thiruppavaigoshti followed by theerthaprasada distribution do they gulp their everyday dose of coffee. Such has been the impact of Thiruppavai in every rung of the society irrespective of the spiritual development attained by them.

One of the important messages of Thiruppavai is to follow the footsteps of the spiritual masters, and conduct ourselves as they conducted themselves.  The Thiruppavai itself is replete with esoteric meanings that are brought out to the masses by learned scholars year after year.  A strong undercurrent in the teaching of Thiruppavai is the importance of associating with devotees or bhagavathas, and holding them on the highest pedestal of veneration. 

Srimaan Trust offers a unique experience to devotees – an opportunity to know and act as it has been known.  From this year, Srimaan Trust is organizing Thiruppavai discourse. The aim is to spread the greatness of thiruppavai across our country. Many temples in the North (looked after by Aasthikas of the North) have a sannidhi exclusively for Andal and many people have learnt Thiruppavai ( even without knowing Tamizh). Hence the resolve to establish a tradition where the whole of India sings the glory of Andal, atleast in the month of Margazhi.As a beginning, Thiruppavai is being organized at Chennai.Hand in hand with the discourse, our Trust intends to honour the venerable devotees of the Lord who have been serving Him selflessly for many years (by Manas, Vaak and Kaayam) one each on all the thirty days of the Margazhi Month.  This programme is called “Thondin Aradhanai” or “Worship of Service”. 

Upanyasa: Thiruppavai

Upanyasakar : Sri U.Ve. Elayavilli Sriram Swamy

Venue : Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Koil, Mettupalayam Road, West Mambalam ( close to Aadikeshava Perumal Koil on Kodambakkam High Road)

Date : 15/12/2012 to 14/01/2013

Time : 7p.m. to 8 : 30pm

Contact No : 09840128785, 9841582890

Each one of you, living in Chennai or visting Chennai in this Dhanur masam is requested to attend this event and carry the blessing of Goda devi and her devout adiyar being honoured. Your voluntary service at this divine event is welcome.

The list of 30 persons in various kainkaryams to be honoured this year has been attached here in the link :

The banner prepared for the event is here in this link :

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