Friday, January 4, 2013

Connecting the divine dots

Priya arangan adiyar,

When we perform some tasks, we enjoy it if we do it for the welfare of someone whom we like. In that case, our commitment to the task becomes very profound. Even if the task performed is very tough, we will like to involve ourselves in it. Servitude to our boss is painful but the same servitude towards our Husband/ Wife is joyful. The difference between the two is our level of our love towards the recipient. How much ever it might pain, a mother never complains about pregnancy. This can be observed even in animals! That is the value of relationship. Even in times of distress, our relations comfort us. If this worldly relationship spanning a few decades itself is so strong, then what is to say about our relation with the Supreme Being and His beloved followers?

Even while engaging ourselves in Bhagavath-Bhaagavatha kainkaryam, the experience is good if it is done as a group of people than doing it alone. Once at Thirukkovalur, at sage Mrugandu’s ashrama, when Poigai Azhwar stood all alone, Emperumaan didn’t show up. When Boodathazhwar joined, Emperumaan was still not satisfied. Only when Peyazhwar came, Emperumaan came amidst them and graced them. Even Kulasekara Azhwar has cherished the vision of crowds of Bhagavathas. Andal also says in Thiruppavai that we should enjoy Emperumaan’s bliss being together with adiyars.

Srimaan trust recently got introduced to a donor through an existing donor named Madhusudhanan. This person had readily accepted to sponsor for buying emergency lamps for students at Gurukulam and for volunteers. At another occasion, when a cycle was required at the Gurukulam, he generously funded to buy a cycle. His dedication levels were such that he wanted his son and daughter also to be involved in Kainkaryam (service). But since it didn’t materialize presently, he has named that cycle with his son’s and daughter’s name so that in that way at least he can involve his son and daughter in Kainkaryam. Such a great well-wisher (Bandhu) for the trust got introduced to our trust due to his Baandhavyam (relation) with an existing volunteer of the trust. Such is the strength of Athma bandhus like you. If you simply introduce one soul to the Trust, it would go on to garner great strength for the activities and sath-kainkaryams undertaken by the Trust. Many of us are in business and know the value of contacts. If one person introduces a prospective client, we rejoice at the event. If one person is introduced by you to the Trust, Namperumal & Srirenganachiar and hundreds of children and volunteers would rejoice. Above all you will rejoice seeing all these souls rejoice.  

Hence it is most humbly prayed that you give the contact details (e-mail address atleast) of the people you know. It is not necessary that they need to have an inclination towards our activities. Many a times, the pictures and mails sent have kindled interest in people. When Namperumal wishes to  bring them into kainkaryam, it would happen. Hence as patrons of our activities, you simply provide the e-mail addresses of persons in your contact list.

Please find below a link to register your known bhandhus with us:

Let this divine act of yours bring in many like-minded people for the Kainkaryam. The Photo of the bicycle donated is here :

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