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The Reaper and His prodigious harvest...

Priya arangan adiyar,

Sri Vishnu Purana says "tasmāt bālyē vivēkātmā yatatē śrēyasē sadā" - Therefore, the intelligent soul expends his childhood in the interest of the good. It is usual to compare the heart of children to wet cement. Whatever is placed upon it makes a lasting impression. There are no distractions or burden of responsibilities in childhood. He, whose childhood is expended in the pursuit of spiritual matters is indeed wise.

The Lord is referred as "patthi uzhavan" by our Azhvars. He is the reaper who tends to the plants with care. Who are these plants? Why, we the souls! He takes delight when the plant blossoms with the flower of devotional love towards Him. Some flowers bloom early. Others take their time. The Divine Reaper is greatly patient and puts in all efforts to make His harvest.

One such early blossom is in our midst. "I do not mind of what I become of. I am not interested any manner of loftiness attained by me in material pursuits. To be in divine service is most important to me." These are words of young Sri Satajit Svami, who discoursed during this Margazhi.

May be, it comes of little surprise that Satajit Svami belongs to the lineage of legendary scholars such as Srisuktiratnakara Sri U.Ve. Satakopachariar Svami (His Great Grandfather) and Sri U.Ve. E.S. Bhuvarahachariar swami (His Grandfather). His father Sri U.Ve. Elayavilli Sriraman Svami himself is a reputed discourser on our tradition. He belongs to the place of Svami Nammazhvar - Azhvar Thirunagari and is named after Azhvar. (Satajit stands for "the victor over Sata", synonymous with Satakopa).

From his days of early blossom (now he is eight, so still tender), he listens with great and unwavering interest to the anecdotes from the pass-times of Lord, and the histories of Azhvars and Acharyas. He participates in learning the four thousand sacred hymns of the Azhvars with spontaneous enthusiasm. And as much, he likes to speak the glories of the Lord. In the Gita, Lord Krishna says, "maccittāḥ ... tuṣyanti ca ramanti ca" - those whose minds rest with Me always relish by listening of Me and by speaking of Me.

Once, Satajit Svami delivered a discourse near Sri Parthasarathy Temple in Thiruvallikkeni. A good audience had gathered for the occasion. After the conclusion of the discourses, an elderly woman came up to him and said, "Your discourse was wonderful! You shall be with auspiciousness." The next day, he spoke at Mylapore. And hundreds of people had turned up! After listening to his discourses, a school teacher said that she felt as if she were tied down by his lecture - so captivating his words!

The divine will of the Lord has sent into motion an exuberant devotion in His ward. The Reaper has tasted success on His harvest. May the fragrance of this flower spread farther and bloom many more flowers in the Lord's garden. Sri Satajit swamy is ever willing to deliver discourses in his inimitable style. He can be contacted at 09443695147, 04639273899 (Sri Elayavilli Sriram swamy's ph no.). The above numbers could be contacted and the child be appreciated as a token of encouragement.

This child prodigy has recently given a series of 3 minute short lectures which can be heard by dialing the following number. The dates are also given below :
Telephone number to be dialed : 044-66802913
Dates during which it can be heard : From January 22 to February 4th (any time)

A short clip of his Thiruppavai upanyasam held at thiruvallikkeni can be viewed here :

Do also read an article on Sri Satajit Svami published in Vikatan magazine at:

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