Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Serene Scent....

Srimate Ramanujaya nama:
"Thondin aaradhanai"
( A drop of gratitude)

Weaving the heart….

Date : 05/01/2013

The two brothers descended the chariot. Dusk had fallen and the gleaming golden rays of the sun painted the blue sky crimson. Akrura was mightily pleased to have driven Lord and the Lord’s elder brother to Mathura. His life had attained its objective. He had risen from being a sinner’s servant to the saviour’s servant. Having got down the chariot, SriKrishna and Balarama proceeded with great fervor towards their uncle’s castle. After plucking the head of a non-heeding washerman and dressing themselves to complete satisfaction, they paced up. It was then that they spotted a florist. Seeing his collection of flowers, the Lord felt the rest of the world borrowed flowers from him. What was life in Vrindavan? No flowers to beautify the body, no chandana to besmear across the chest. But here was a man stitching fragrant flowers for their mama! The two young cowherds approached the busy florist. Seeing the lovely lotus-eyes perched in a dark face and the bewitching smile spread across the lips, the florist felt a sudden surge of utmost devotion and love for the Lord. And the Lord demanded a set of fine garlands contrasting His impregnated cloud –like thirumeni and the snow-like fair texture of His brother’s thirumeni. The florist’s joy knew no bounds. How could he be so blessed to touch the tender yet valorous shoulders of the paramatma and garland Him. And with a heart brimming with love, he decorated the Lord and His brother with the best and costliest of flowers in his possession. The Lord had his eyes fixed upon this new found devotee. What love was that! This man, who sold flowers for livelihood had sold his heart to Him. While leaving the hut of this devotee, the Lord knew He would not see him again. And the devotee Maaladhara too knew this was his last darshan of the cowherd boys.

The fascination of flowers did not vanish from the heart of Lord Krishna. If vibhavam had a short time frame to adhere to, archavataram has a long duration. And as Lord Parthasarathy gracing the Brindaranyakshetram, the Lord needn’t walk to the door of a florist and request for garland today. The three women, Smt Parimala, Smt Nachair and Selvi Banu see to that the Lord receives the best of fragrant fresh flowers every day. Freshly blossomed flowers are handpicked from the new set of flowers that arrive. While Smt Parimala has transformed a room in her house into a ‘flower weaving room’, Smt Nachiar and Banu see to that all the requirements for weaving a garland are kept ready. They sit together every morning and stitch flowers with their hands while their lips utter the divine names of Lord Parthasarathy. In addition to this kainkaryam, Smt Nachiar is igniting the minds of many by teaching divya-prabandham and stotra paadam everyday.

But is the Lord happy with the physical flowers that bedeck Him every day? This beautiful shloka throws light on the heart of the Lord :

अहिन्सा प्रथमं पुष्पं पुष्पं इन्द्रिय निग्रह:
सर्वभूतदय पुष्पं क्षमा पुष्पं विशेषत:
ज्ञानं पुष्पं तप: पुष्पं ध्यानं पुष्पम्तु सप्तमं
सत्यं अष्टविदं पुष्पं विष्णो: प्रीतिकरं भवेत्

“ Non violence in the first flower, control of the senses next,
Compassion for all creatures is next, tolerance is the next flower,
Knowledge is the next of the flowers, austerity next and contemplation is the seventh,
And the eighth is the flower of Truth. And these eight pacify Vishnu”

What the Lord expects is purity of the heart while doing His kainkaryam. Since the above traits are seen in the above kainkaryaparas, the Lord is happily accepting the physical garlands woven by them.

Let us all pray for the continuation of the wonderful Pushpa kainkaryam done to Lord Parthasarathy.

Seek the blessings of them here :

Parimala Mami:


Nachiar Mami:


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