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The Wind with wisdom - II

Priya arangan adiyars,

Margazhi breeze from Srirangam continues ...

Amidts a sea of bhakthi…

Children starting from 4 years of age were singing Thiruppa:vai and it was great pleasure to listen to their version of Thiruppa:vai. A typical day at the camp began with prayer, and then Thiruppa:vai Santhai, followed by stories (for younger lot)/vya:kya:nam (for older lot) session, and then came kainkaryams like garland-making, prasa:dam making, yo:ga. These were the activities in the forenoon. The post-lunch session began with na:ma sanki:rtanam, music and then followed by project activities for the older lot called as a:zhwa:n group (10 yrs and more).During this time the younger lot called as Bhattar group (upto 9 yrs) practised skits based on pa:surams depicting Sri: Vaishnava lakshanam and villu pa:ttu, learnt to sing the pa:surams set to different ra:gams, learnt to depict different pa:surams by dancing and learnt to perform Harikathai.

Volunteers from various places flock to teach thiruppavai...

The students were empowered to use their thoughts, words and actions for the purpose of Kainkaryam (thu:malar thu:vi thozhudhu va:yinAl pa:di manathina:l sindhikka). The students who attended the camp were indeed privileged to get a taste of Thiruppa:vai and its vyakya:nams at this young age (pinja:i pazhutha:l). Unlike their routine method of learning in a conventional setting, they could effortlessly learn the essence of Thiruppa:vai through plays, dance and projects. The camp was a great success in terms of its content and the message it conveyed.

Pushpa kainkaryam

A Kainkaryasree performing Pushpa kainkaryam at Madhurakavi nandavanam for more than 25 years, volunteered to teach the process of making a garland to all children from Azhwan group. The utmost care they have for Emperuma:n can be seen from the way they do kainkaryam. They clean their hands and legs before starting, keep the flowers at some elevated place (so that they don’t lie around in the place where we walk), and they cover their mouth with a cloth so that the sanctity of the flowers are maintained. They do not talk while making garlands. The only reason for which they open their mouth while making garlands is to chant His holy names. This kainkaryasree voluntarily came to teach the children, more than what he had committed for. Also Smt. Rajalakshmi from Kanchipuram volunteered to shape the flowers from girls of Azhwan group.

Stringing flowers for the lord...

Prasadam making

As a part of daily kainkaryam entitled to us, making prasadam and offering it to Empeuma:n is an important one. The children attending the camp got an opportunity to learn to make Pongal for their Emperuma:n. A kainkaryasree of the Trust Smt. Lakshmi taught them to make Pongal. Later the Pongal was offered to Emperuma:n and the prasa:dam was shared with everyone.

Enjoy later...

Making ThirukkOlam for EmperumAn

The students from Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam are a great asset of the Trust. Whenever there is need for kainkaryam, they are ready to pitch in and help. One such student Navaneetha Krishnan came to the camp along with their gurukula a:ra:dhanai peruma:l and taught AzhwAn boys to make alanka:rams for Emperuma:n. The children were very enthusiastic in learning the intricacies of making various alanka:rams.

Once, when they were not in class, the coordinator of the camp found a group of a:zhwa:n boys huddled together and doing something very seriously. It was not apparent what they were doing as they were completely hiding what they were doing. When she asked what it was they were seriously doing, the children moved away and revealed that they were dressing up a perumal one of the boys brought from home! The coordinator felt that the camp has already achieved its success that a group of pre-teen/teen boys were dressing up perumal in their free time instead of rolling and fighting or talking about video games/movies. 

More storm to come from Andal's Thiruppavai ...

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