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Why so late?

Priya arangan adiyar,
Most of us are aware of the great Mahavidwan Kanchi Sri Prathivadi Bhayankara Annangarachariar swamy and the ocean of books written by Him. Swamy started writing at a very young age and had written commentaries on the toughest of works when he had merely entered adulthood. He ventured into areas that even the seasoned vidwans feared to plunge into . Commentaries on Vedas, Sastras, Divya-prabandham , rahaysa grantams,stortra paadam…the list goes endless. After touching upon many areas of Vedanta, swamy decided to write a commentary on the celebrated work of Shri Parasara Bhattar on Srirenganachair called “Srigunaratnakosha”. While writing the commentary, swamy came upon the verse “Srirenga harmyadala mangala deeparekha”. Swamy sat baffled. Words that used to flow from his mind like a waterfall stopped. It seemed all the resources in his possession had drained. What a verse! Swamy tried His best to somehow write a befitting explanation to those verses but whatever He wrote did not satisfy Him. He felt words could not describe the greatness of Srirenganachiar as portrayed by Sri Parasara Bhattar and hence put to rest the writing for sometime before resuming writing a splendid commentary.
Similar has been our experience in writing about the Deepavali celebrations of the Trust that took place at Srirangam. We are referring to the celebrations of the Deepavali that happened on ( 13-11-2012). While our volunteers had written a good report on the Deepavali celebrations here, the spirit of the volunteers and the Gurukulam children in contribution to the kainkaryam can never be captured by words! This realization dawned upon us recently and hence we are proceeding with the earlier written good report. But we request you to not miss the photos. At the cost of repetition, we reiterate the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Here, we rephrase saying “A picture is invaluable”.      
The evening breeze sweeps the mainland and soothes its temper with coolness.  As it finds its connoisseur in the deepness of the city, it picks up on the way the fragrance of the lotuses from lakes, of the nectar of bee-hives and the freshness of gardens to deliver as gifts.
The richness of the aroma and the sweetness of the breath enliven the hearts of the weary while serving a drama of nature’s wonder to the others.  That is nature’s way of giving - spreading the sweetness.

On the occasion of Deepavali, Srimaan Trust had its plans of spreading sweetness.  A thousand Jaangris, a thousand Mysore paahus and 160 kilograms of mixture were prepared and offered to Lord Narasimha and Sri Azhvan at Svami Koorathazhwan Sannidhi.

Prasadams sincerely packed by the volunteers with the anusandhanam of stotras :

The prasadam went around like the evening breeze through Srirangam in a series of distribution events.  At Aranganayaki School for girls, it was distributed among 200 children and 10 teachers.  Dr. Mekala of Punnagai Dental Clinic was the Chief Guest of the occasion, also graced by Sri Parasara Azhagiya Singa Bhattar Svami.  Smt. Gomathi, a teacher of Acharyah, delivered the welcome address.  It must be mentioned that Dr. Mekala takes care of the dental health of the Gurukulam students without charging any fees.

Distribution at Aranganayaki school : little innocent kids just loved the eatables.

The prasadam was also distributed among 300 children and 18 teachers of South Ranga School.  Dr. Keerthana of Pankajam Hospital was the Chief Guest of the event, which was graced by Sri Parasara Azhagiya Singa Bhattar Svami and Sri Parasara Thiruvengada Bhattar Svami.

Distribution at South Renga school :

The DGM of Canara Bank, Sri. Sampathkumar and his wife Smt. Devaki distributed dress and sweets to the Kainkaryashrees at Srirangam and the children of Acharyah. The past employees of the Trust were also invited and given dress. Further dress was distributed among other deserving children and parents of Srimaan Bhattar Kuzhaam. 

Distribution of dresses to SBK students and parents :

Sri. Sundaresan, the owner of Shankar Cafe, along with his wife and daughter-in-law gave away dresses to the students of Gurukulam.  Sri. Sundaresan devoutly performs Thadheeyaradhanam at Gurukulam every two months.  The prasadam was distributed by the donor Sri Thiruvali Srinivasan Svami and Sri Parasara Azhagiya Singa Bhattar Swami.  The dress and prasadam were distributed among not only the children of Gurukulam, but also among their siblings.  The teachers of gurukulam, the agama teachers and the teachers of extra curricular activities were also presented with dress and prasadam.  The events at Gurukulam were held in conjunction with the annual parents-teachers meeting.

The Gurukulam children and their siblings( not in Gurukulam) being gifted…

The prasadam was also distributed among all the Acharya Purushas of Srirangam, adhyapakas, veda parayana goshti, upanyasakas, all the 54 sannidhi archakas, satradha srivaishnavas and also among the other temple kainkaryaparas including peons.  Further the resident donors of the Trust and advertisers were also given the prasadams. 

The joy of  giving the prasadams on behalf of the Poorvacharyas is enormous. We invite all of you to be with us next Deepavali and enjoy this bliss.

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