Sunday, March 24, 2013

Carving the future society

Priya Arangan Adiyar,

It is common to hold debates among students in schools. And a classic topic is to debate about whether science is a boon or a bane. During the debate, one group would argue that science enables us to minimize our work and improve standard of living while the other group says if science gets into wrong hands, they can misuse it etc. But before addressing this topic, we should ask ourselves as to what makes us say science is a bane. Science is just a tool which can be used by anyone to perform good as well as bad deeds. So it’s the intention of the user to perform bad actions. The next question would be why should people who are knowledgeable choose to support bad actions? Then one shall realize the importance of ethics and values and a system of education which imparts those ethics. Even in ancient times, there was a very elaborate system of warfare whose consequence may be devastating.

But when preceptors used to teach those skills to their pupils, they also highlighted the ethics to be followed while using those skills and weapons. But in today’s society, the lack of ethics and morals is causing great harm for development. Thus, imparting moral values to the younger generation is the need of the hour.

Traditionally, our ancestors have spread morals through short stories from Ithihasas and Puranas. Emperumaan Himself has descended upon this earth to teach the purpose of our life and the need to lead an ethical life. All we need to do is, to take that hint from Him and adhere to the values and ethics found in these epics. One such an epic is the SriRamayana. SriRama is a trend setter and a role model for all of us in practicing dharma in our lives. He has showed us the virtues of being noble through his incarnation as a human.

At Srimaan Trust, imparting of morals happens through SriRamayanam contest conducted annually at various cities in the state. Children from the age of five years upto fourteen years participate in the contest which has two rounds. The first one is a written test round and the second round is an oral contest where children chant slokas from SriRamayanam.

Recently, SriRamayanam contest was held at Trichy on 3rd and 4th of February. The contest was also held at Madurai and Karur on 24th February and 2nd March respectively. There were students from various schools who took part in the contest. There are participants from all the strata of our society, crossing all barriers of religion, creed, caste, gender etc. They eagerly participate year-after-year due to the kind of positive experience they get. This is a humble effort we are making to nurture young minds who will lead the country in future.

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Let the divine couple shower the divine blessings on you & all forever.

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