Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jubilant work...

Srimate Ramanujaya nama:

"Thondin aaradhanai"
( A drop of gratitude)

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Hailing from the Thiruvamsam of one of Manavala Mamunigal’s ashta dik gajam’s, the dedication of Sri Paravasthu Padmanabhan swamy can never go unnoticed. Wherever born, a rose would spread its fragrance in its entire locality. Similar is Sri Padmanabha swamy. From the time he mastered the Divya-prabandham, he has been teaching them, irrespective of whether he lives in a divya desam or not. From 2004, he has been unceasing in his endeavour to spread the knowledge of Azhwars in and around Valasarawalkam. Very many Aasthikas have learnt under him and are now travelling to unheeded divya desams and performing kainkaryam. And they are also looking after the local temples. SriPadmanabha swamy is also performing the celebrated thadeeyaradhanai kainkaryam at Thirumalai-thirupathy during the purattasi utsavam. Swamy is a sthalathar of Thirumalai.

If we can hear the celestial tone of divya prabandha gosha in and around valasarawalkam, the credit should primarily go to this great swamy.

It was an excellent experience to have him among us for the thondin aaradhanai kainkaryam.

Seek His blessings here :



Many people ask why worship the omnipresent Lord in temples? If He is omnipresent, can’t we simply stay where we are and worship Him? 

A simple, general yet effective answer to this question is “Air is everywhere. But we need a fan to feel its presence.” Having a material temple and a vigraha made out of a earthly elements is a splendid proof of the Lord’s love for His Bhakthas. Our acharyas beautifully explain that by making Himself an inhabitant of a specific place and making people quantify His presence to a specific structure ( i.e we say Namperumal dwells in Srirangam. When we travel to Srirangam, we say Namperumal is not everywhere in Srirangam, but in the temple. And in the vast temple, we are shown Namperumal in a small Garbha Graha! ). Oh! What mercy should the Supreme Being have to kill His basic characteristic of omnipresence simply to help His children realize Him. The ordinary man has forgotten that the Supreme Being is omnipresent. The atheist cites this very reason ( the assumed discrepancy  and tries to stab the theist). The Lord is enduring all this only for our sake! Are we all equipped enough to see through our hearts, spot the Paramatma and worship Him? Not at all. Most of us know not what organs are wrapped up within the skin. How then will we spot the athma and then the paramatma within it? And who knows this better that the resident of our athma? Hence the Supreme Being’s decision to take up a divya mangala vigraha and a place of residence in the form of a temple.

And hence our Azhwars and Acharyas have inexplicable love for Archavatharam and the temple that houses Him. Thirumangai Azhwar robbed to build His temples. And the activity of renovating His temple has been credited as one of the most auspicious kainkaryams
The Emperuman residing in the divya mangala vigraha is not a mere piece of sculpture. Namazhwar, while describing Thiruk-kannapuram says Lord Sowrirajan may seem false for those who worship Him superficially. But to the true Bhaktha, He shows Himself. And to the temple of this beautiful Lord Sowriraja, Shri Raghavachariar swamy conducted a memorable samprokshanam involving enormous resources. A samprokshanam of that magnitude needed the complete support of the residing deity and Sri Raghavachariar swamy got it by His sheer devotion. This swamy has also done the jeernodharanam and samprokshanam of Sri Virudunagar Varadarajar sannidhi.

The day we honoured him, he explained the intricate details of the sculpture of Sri Thiruk-kannapuram temple and it was a pleasant hair –raising experience to hear the details.

Seek His blessings here :

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