Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blow up the bastion called W...Y!

​​Srimate ramanujaya nama:
Priya arangan adiyars,

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The New Year has dawned. On the beginning of Chitra month, Namperumal goes takes a casual stroll around inside the temple and land in the santhanu mantapam opposite the Dwaara paalakas. There an elaborate thirumanjanam happens with lots of kainkaryaparas pouring their love on Him. The beauty here at Srirangam is the way things happen to Namperumal. When a purappadu(procession) is supposed to being at 9:30am, the onlooker would not have a little scent of it at 9:15am. He would wonder if at all there is purappadu. In a blink of an eye, the concerned persons would pour in from all directions. The carriers of the palanquin, the holders of the fire lights, the persons for carrying the holy vessels, persons carrying the golden canopy and the Sri Shatari would all swarm around Namperumal. As you look on in disbelief, He would have started on the purappadu. Let any problem happen within the human resources involved in the kainkaryam, Namperumal’s work would never stop. He would somehow manoeuvre through the maze of obstacles and complete His planned routine. That is Namperumal. On the first of Chitrai, after a beautiful thirumanjanam with the gattiyam (Specialized Sanskrit-tamil psalm) and Veda vinnappam, Namperumal wore a light green vasthram with shiny maroon borders. It felt as though greenness occupied a humble position 
in the thirumeni of Namperumal. So pleasant was the sight. Holding the Prayoga chakram and other ayudhams ever ready to save His Bhakthas, Namperumal looked every bit like saakshat Raama, willing to go any extent to save and nourish His subjects.

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On the beginning of the Vijaya varsham, we pray Him to give you Vijayam in every endeavour of yours. Let any obstacles come your way, let any roadblock impede your path, keep the mind on the goal and proceed. Lord Hanuman was assigned the grave and most important job of finding the whereabouts of Sri Seetha piratti. If He did not find her, His Swamy would wither in air. Crossing the sea, he landed in the land of Raavana and entered the fortified walls. He knew none there nor had he seen Sri Seetha piratti. Yet, he had the confidence to find her. He made his way in and made a relentless search for her. He opened every door, scrutinized every room and left no stones unturned. But, he could not find her.

Sri Hanuman sat down exhausted. He knew not what to do. His head became dizzy. The past and future colonized his mind and twined roads of multiple thoughts erupted in his otherwise calm mind. He started worrying. The distant prospect of a failure in the mission slowly, but clearly glared at him with ferocity. What would he tell his Swamy? Would he tell Sri Seetha was lost forever? Would he tell Sugreeva he had failed Him? Would he tell the cheering groups of vaanaras that their favorite hero was  a mere zero?

And then all of a sudden he shook himself up. He laughed at himself. He thought “ How can I do this! What can sitting down here and worrying fetch me? Will the worry disguise itself as a tangible person and search for her? Will worry draw a light studded path and show me unto her? What can this worry do to me? Instead of spending these minutes worrying about something that may happen in future, what if I put another foot forward and searched in the rooms ahead? The first thing to be killed is worry. Nothing can stall progress better than worry.” So thinking, he sprang forward with a new felt enormous vigor. And as we know, the rest is history. 

What can worry do to you? There are certain excellent things worry can do. It can make you a figure of the past and the future. While alive, you become history. Which means you control nothing whatsoever. Your worry has spun its rope around you and tied you down to inertia. In addition, worry can tactfully drain all your savings by causing all kinds of health problems. What can farthermost happen in life? What is that last thing we may have to face? The loss of this mortal coil. It is going to happen anyway. Hence, give that full throttle to what you have now in your hand. The jeevatma will ever remain wiping away any stain that may stick to it. What could SriRamanuja have done when he was prosecuted by the Chola king? He could have sat at a secure corner of a village and brooded over the way the Sriranga kingdom built by him by shedding his sweat was being thrashed by the ruler. What did he do? He found another kingdom in Karnataka called Thirunarayanapuram. If at a stage of life or death, our Acharya could build a new kingdom with fresh bricks, can’t we simply go on to complete the hut we have already half-built?

Equipped with the deha-atma viveka gnyanam (cognizance of body-soul differentiation) , the knowledge of our great history, the knowledge of the lives of Azhwars andAacharyas, we can definitely live a life that is free of worry and full of merry. Blow up the unnecessary metal bastion called WORRY!
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