Tuesday, April 16, 2013

From where we come and where we go?

Priya arangan adiyar

The journey of a million miles begins with a single step.  It stands true for education.  Learning is a gradual and progressive process of assimilation, reasoning and reflection. 

There is an adage in Sanskrit that one must always try to learn however little, and treasure the learning with great care.

There is a lot of activity​ today in defining the process of learning though it may be argued that  little good has come to effect.  However, the question on the process will remain to trouble us as long as the question on the purpose is not settled.

Where does this journey of a million miles end?

Education will continue to be a source of worry until the focus shifts to the student.  The purpose of creating a center of learning must be to enable people to learn.  It should alarm us that such centers are the exception than the norm.  How by running an expensive and complicated learning system plagued by unnecessary distractions (in the guise of competition) do we hope to create a student community that matures into a country of purposeful individuals? It can only created a deluded society - exactly the one we are now living in.

Education must be liberated from the narrowness of purpose – both in the infrastructure and in the content.  The learning process must be pivoted on the singular goal of creating better informed and capable individuals who can provide guidance and participate in the creation of better societies.
The only way to achieve this is to work backwards from the goal and escape the madness of flocking at the same place without knowing why we are there.

The answer to the question of purpose cannot come from strictly materialistic thinking.  Whatever purpose is derived out of sheer materialism will lose sheen in the course of time and result in confusion once again.  The answer must be sought in the beyond.  It is not necessary to define a rigid answer.  It is enough if the students are not inhibited from exploring the true purpose for themselves.

Srimaan Trust through its Gurukulam aims at providing holistic development of students – both material and spiritual.  A batch of students is set for their board exams this year. In this context, a Lakshmi Hayagriva Homam was performed under the tutelage of Therazhundhur Sri Raman Bhattacharyar Svami.  A great number of students and Veda Patasala pupils participated in this ritual.  It was aimed at seeking the guidance of the divine in not only theoretical success of learning but also the success of its practical purpose.

We request you to join us in wishing the children well, and in creating a more useful system of learning.

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