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Parent Teacher meeting – Platform for better understanding of the Education system

Priya arangan adiyars

Education is a critical factor that makes a person complete. Whereas education is proper only when it imparts true knowledge. It is very essential to search for such a teacher from whom we can acquire the true knowledge. In Bhaghavad Gita, Sri Krishna says ‘Tad viddhi pranipAtena pariprashnena sevayA upathekshyanti te jyAnam jyAnina: tattva darshina:’. Sri Krishna emphasizes that a perfect teacher who imparts the truth must be approached with sincerity, dedication and devotion.  The abode of such perfect teachers is none other than the Acharyah School at Srirangam. The parents of Acharyah school students have indeed made a right choice and identified the right educational institution for their children. Even the slightest doubt in the minds of the parents in regard to their decision of choosing Acharyah School was dispelled by an eminent personality amidst them.

Acharyah School Parent Teacher meeting was held recently. The session started with an introductory speech by Sriman Trust Volunteer, Sudarshana. After a brief introduction about the special invitee, the session was followed by an inspiring speech by a veteran in educational field, Ms. Vasantha Vanamamalai, Correspondent of Vidhya Bharathi School who was the special invitee for the parent teacher meeting. She had served as the Principal of Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Erode for 20 years and as the principal of a reputed school at Delhi for 6 years. She needs to be referred as 74 years young women instead of 74 years old for the extent of enthusiasm she had to share her experience in this field. Even at that age, she was not only enthusiastic but was able to transfer her energy on to the listeners through her speech. She enriched the minds of parents with several facts about the growth of a school and a student. Growth of anything is said to be right only when it is slow, steady and gradual. Sudden growth is not practical and even if it is possible it may not provide long-lasting benefits. As and when a seed is sown, it does not provide fruits. Several years of watering the plant, adequate use of manure, taking steps to protect it from bad climatic conditions and weeds are essential but not enough for the plant’s growth. The most vital factor is to patiently wait till the plant becomes a huge tree which gives greenery, vegetables, sweet fruits and scented flowers. Similarly, to set a new, well settled and a well established family it requires 10 years of time. The time required for a school to get well established is double the time required for a family. Instead of analyzing the size of the school, it would be better for the parents to concentrate on how the students are trained. Like a foundation of a building, roots of a tree which need to be firm and strong, the pre-primary levels of a student which is the base for his/ her entire education need to be firmly built. This is ensured by the education pattern of this school. Out of all the Schools visited by her in past 30 years, she was really impressed and deeply satisfied by the education system of Acharyah School especially the pre-primary levels. The Acharyah School provides a complete education by teaching academic knowledge, spiritual knowledge, values and good habits. The role of a parent who had sent their child to this school is only have pure faith on the education and value system of the school and to wait patiently in order to witness and enjoy the fruits. Later, the Founder Acharya of Sriman Trust, Sri. U.Ve. Parasara Badri Narayana Bhattar Swami spoke about the decision making skills of a child and comparing it to that of an adult. The reason behind clear and stable decisions by a child is that they are open-minded and they do not carry any inhibitions. Such young minds need to be properly nurtured and developed with true knowledge as they are the future pillars of this society. This is the primary motive of the entire management of Acharyah School.

At the end of the session, the parents were given sometime to get their doubts clarified with the Expert. However, there was no need for the same as her eloquent talk had already made their minds crystal clear devoid of all doubts. The session concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Sriman Trust Volunteer, Sudarshana. It was an elevating experience for the Management and the Parents to have such a knowledgeable person among them.

You can find below some of the snaps of the function below:

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