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The Genesis - Conclusion.

Priya arangan adiyar,



The place we fixed as Sri Venkatesa Perumal Koil, West Mambalam and it was decided that the persons honoured this year should be in and around this area. How to locate these persons was the next puzzle? At that point in time, no volunteer of the Trust was at West Mambalam. So the existing volunteers, through existing contacts organized a small get together at Sri Kodanta Ramar temple, West Mambalam. And slowly, the volunteers count picked up. Brain storming sessions were held and a plan for the programme was charted. But there was one huge concern. All of the volunteers were working and could not afford to turn up on each day of the month. Who would be there and manage the event everyday?


When the purpose is pious and the will plentitude, the Paramatma would play his part. A young adult, seeing the gathering of volunteers at the temple, came there. The conversation between the strangers is here:

Kainkaryasree (Volunteers) : “Srimate ramanujaya nama: .Welcome”

Young adult :  “Thanks …what are you discussing?”

Kainkaryasree : “We want to honour selfless souls but don’t find a person to be there on all days”

Young adult: “Well…..I’ll do that. Will be there on all days”

Kainkaryasree : ............ (Pleasantly shocked, look at each other with mouths agape)

This Lord Kodanta Rama sent newcomer, kept to his words. On the last few days, his nephew was very ill with Typhoid and the child was hospitalized. But still, the volunteer kept to his words and made all arrangements for the function. He carried with him the quality of Lord Rama “ Ramo dwirnabi bhashatae”, Rama has no two tongues. All the volunteers, despite their loukeeka commitments, tirelessly worked to promote the kainkaryam.

And so, from a point of absolute inactivity, the THONDIN AARADHANAI gained quick momentum and turned into an avalanche from the beyond. Lot of kind hearts contributed their might for the purpose. Sri Krishna Sweets Managing Director, Shri Murali was bowled by the idea of honouring a variety of persons on each day of the event. He wanted to gift them all a memento and did so. With the sincere and devoted efforts of all, the event ended on a very high and energetic note. 

The honour included the following:

Garland worn by the Lord.

His theertham and SriSatari.

Good quality veshti (dhoti)/ pudavai (saree) as the case was.


Diary and CD of the Trust.

Sambhavanai (Token monetary honour).
The group photos of the volunteers with Sri Elayavilli Sriram swamy and his son Sri Satajith and the photos of a few volunteers being appreciated are here in the link.

The names of the volunteers are listed here. It is requested you simply wish them “let this Thondin Aaradhanai kainkaryam continue forever”.

C Venkatesh
G Balakrishnan
R Venkatakrishnan
T S Sadagopan
Rajappa Tadepalli
R LakshmiNarayanan
N Madhavan
R Sudharsanan
Ranganathan Ramaswamy
L Raghuraman
R Sridharan
Srinivasa Varadan
Sundaram Krishnaswamy
Sampath Kumar
Kunnavakam Muralidharan
Suresh - took all the photos

You too can volunteer for this cause . Your effort can make an unsung hero living in your vicinity known to the world. Click here to become Thondin aaradhanai volunteer.

Here is a quick recap of the 30 days and the great souls honoured then..

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