Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Retreat in heat.... - I

Srimate ramanujaya nama:
Priya arangan adiyars,

Easy fruit from difficult seed sowing…..

In the pursuit of knowledge, flow of proper information facilitates the understanding of a certain theory. This information passes down generations and enlightens the people about that theory even after several years. And in general, the preceptors of the theory would have taken mammoth effort to establish such a notion. But the students of the succeeding era get acquainted with the theory much easily than those preceptors. For example, Newton had spent years to establish his theory of gravitation, but now it has just become a child’s play. This is possible due to a tradition in which flow of knowledge across generations takes place systematically.

  Such an excellent tradition of Acharya-Sishya Parampara exists in Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam. Our Purvacharyas have never left a stone unturned to clearly establish Vedic tenets to us. Sri Periyavachan Pillai has written the meaning for all the divine 4000 hymns sung by Azhwars. But a certain portion of the vyakyanam for Periyazhwar Thirumozhi was lost due to termites but Swami Manavala Mamunigal rendered vyakhyanam for the same thereby leaving us totally informed of the meanings of Azhwars’ works. Our Purvacharyas have not just espoused the meanings of Divya Prabandham but also took them into their life and made it a part of their living. The glory of their lives is something which we cannot express by words. Such a glorious tradition containing very valuable knowledge should definitely be passed down to the future generations.

As an attempt for working towards this mission, Srimaan trust has been organizing spiritual camps for school children during the vacation time. And which theme is more apt than the life history of Azhwars and Acharyas? It is due to their benevolence and tireless efforts that we have this tradition today!

Namperumal inaugurates…
The camp started on May 4th in which more than one hundred children participated. It was a grand inauguration blessed by Namperumal Himself as Viruppan thirunaal utsavam was going on. Even great Acharyas from the lineage of Sri Periya Nambi and Sri Parasara Bhattar graced the occasion. There were some children who even came from other cities to take part in the camp. In all the stage was set for a new experience for the children who would have otherwise been whiling away the time at home in pursuits other than the pleasurable spiritual pursuit...........The children were very eager for the upcoming days and the days did turn out to satiate their hunger.

( be continued)

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