Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Retreat in heat.... - II

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

Amalanadhipiran Santhai
This is a short Prabandham by Thiruppana Azhwar with just ten verses which contains the fathomless beauty of Periya Perumal. The children were taught this Prabandham so that they can recite it from their hearts, the next time they see Periya Perumal. This Prabandham starts with a note of making oneself a devotee to Bhagavathas (adiyarkkenai atpadutha). So the importance of Bhagavatha sambandham was also revealed to them through this santhai.

Azhwar Acharya Vaibavam
As mentioned previously, the glory of the life of Azhwars and Acharyas is something which cannot be explained by words. Their lives cast a profound impact on our thoughts and our way of living. The children at the camp were also taught about these Vaibavams and were made to realize the subtle values underlying these vaibavams.

Vidwan lectures
Each day at the camp, there were lectures on various topics in our Sampradayam which were taken by prominent Vidwans in Srirangam. Smt. Jayasree Ammangar taught the children about the greatness of Sripadatheertham and its importance in our Sampradayam. Kapisthalam Sri U.Ve. Srinivasachariyar  Swami conducted a detailed lecture about the greatness of Bhagavathas. Thiruppullani Sri U.Ve. Sundararajan Swamy discussed about the subtle concepts of Paramathma and Jivathma and even more subtle ways of establishing their existence and attributes. The children were very eager to listen to such sessions and they got a good opportunity to develop an understanding on the ideals of our sampradayam.

Sripadatheertham of Acharya Purushas
Srirangam has ever been the capital city (Rajadhani) for Sri Vaishnavites and naturally that means all Acharyas would be lingering around Srirangam like how a bee goes around a sweet-smelling flower. Thus, Srirangam has a long tradition of housing the descendents of great Acharya Purushas. How blessed are the inhabitants of Srirangam! They get the association of the land which was once walked over by great Acharyas and the land which still being walked over by their descendents. As an effort to make the children realize this fact, they were taken to various Thirumaligais in Srirangam and they were made to interact with the Acharya Purushas about their lineage,their kainkaryam etc. And more importantly, they performed Padha Poojai and even took the Sripadatheertham.

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